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Friday, May 8, 2009

What the hell is this...?

After a brutal two weeks of shutting down some 9/11 conspiracy nonsense, two weeks of memorials and celebrations in honor of Israel's 61st birthday, and a depressing study of the effect (or lack thereof) that "enhanced interrogation" techniques have on Islamic terrorism, I thought I would take short break from the all-consuming grind of Middle East commentary and ask my readers with some help in solving a mystery that has driven me insane for more than a year now.

Take a look at this video I recorded in early 2008:

No one was able to adequately explain it to me but I didn't post it then because I assumed it was just some transformer explosion that was too far away to hear. Two nights ago I witnessed a similar event happening in a completely different direction, much closer and much brighter.

This instance happened after two much brighter versions of this that I saw from my balcony so I finally ran to get my camera. I took probably 10 1 minute clips before I finally was able to capture this video. Then as I was standing on my balcony this happened:

Can anyone identify what the hell this is?!?!

Now that I think about it, maybe going back to reporting on the typical events of a week in the Middle East isn't such a bad idea.