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Friday, June 4, 2010

These are the people that the Gaza "Freedom Flotilla" was supporting: Hamas raids, closes NGO offices

This story would be just unbelievable if it hadn't already happened so many times in the past.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Outrage in Gaza after group confiscates files, equipment.

Hamas’s security forces on Monday and Tuesday raided the offices of several non-governmental organizations in the Gaza Strip and confiscated equipment and furniture, drawing sharp condemnations from human rights groups.

The sources said the raids were carried out by agents belonging to Hamas’s Internal Security apparatus without court permission.

The NGOs raid on Monday were: Sharik Youth Institution, Bonat Al-Mustaqbal (Future Builders) Society, the South Society for Women’s Health, and the Women and Children Society.

They confiscated most of the equipment and other items, including computers, faxes, cameras, documents and reports, in addition to the keys to their doors. Thesecurity agents informed the directors that their organizations were closed. They did not provide any reasons behind this decision.

Wow. You know there's an old saying in Israel that the Arabs "never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity" - even when they have the whole stupid world behind them, screaming at Israel. It's just amazing how Hamas just can't control themselves for 10 minutes in order to capitalize on their renewed sympathy. Like a pack of rabid dogs they just have to stealstealsteal and killkillkill.

And who do they steal from? The very IDIOTS who donate to their cause in the first place. How can anyone, even if you think the Israelis are the biggest scum in the world, actually trust these Hamas sewer rats with their money? Or with anything for that matter?!

After enjoying our bus bombing simulation come join us for an exclusive investment opportunity - we hear the Florida real estate market is about to EXPLODE! Hardy har har!

This of course comes after Hamas spit in their naive faces earlier in the day by REFUSING THE AID that Israel had delivered to them from the ships.

“Hamas has refused to allow those trucks to go in,” the official said, “and if the aid is so urgent, my question is, why are they not allowing it into Gaza?”

The official added that “we have conducted talks with the Red Cross [to try and get the aid in], but Hamas is still refusing. In the meantime, the rest of truckloads will wait in Israel until further notice.”

The Hamas government’s social welfare minister, Ahmed Kurd, said the group “refuse[s] to receive the humanitarian aid until all those who were detained aboard the ships are released. We also insist that the equipment be delivered in its entirety.”

Well yeah, who needs a bunch of wheelchairs when what Hamas was REALLY after were some hot new laptops and iPads to run their "Qassam Launcher" app. And where better to get them than from some idiot NGO's that for some reason are still shocked when a criminal organization of murderers and terrorists seizes things from them by force. Are they actually living in dreamland? Or do they enjoy being abused by the very people they're trying to help? Is that what it's really about here? Maybe I've been wrong all these's not that these guys hate Israel...maybe they just hate themselves so much that they need terrorists to beat them up and take their lunch money.

Truly, I've never seen a bigger bunch of idiots than these "peace activists" who hold rallies and sit-ins and protests in support of people who STEAL from them. Hell a whole shipload of these buffoons just risked their lives to break a naval blockade for these gangsters. What's next, "Peace Flotilla for the Crips" ? "Freedom Ships for the Latin Kings" ? Oh don't's no big deal that they're robbing us the day after we get shot at for helping them or that they regularly use us as human shields, it's all about the apartheid wall that the Israelis built to keep these hoodlums out of their own cities.

Hey thanks so much for the free sandwich, what do you say you give me your wallet too? Or I'll kill you. Who would tolerate such treatment?

Keep supporting them guys. Really, you're doing lots of good here.


That's what I think...what's YOUR reaction?

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