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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Death sentences for juveniles, real estate brokers and pigs: just another week in the Middle East

Shifting gears after the emotions of Israel Independence week and a sanity-draining trip down the rabbit hole, it's time to get back to business with some news items from around the Middle East.

Yesterday, Iran executed a woman named Delara Darabi for a murder that she allegedly committed when she was 17. From the article:

Amnesty International said it was "outraged" at the execution, drawing particular attention to the fact that her lawyer was not informed about it, despite the legal requirement that he should receive 48 hours' notice.

"This appears to have been a cynical move on the part of the authorities to avoid domestic and international protests which might have saved Delara Darabi's life," said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa Program. Darabi was executed despite her having been given a two-month stay of execution by the Head of the Judiciary on April. 19, which Sahraoui said indicates "that even decisions by the Head of the Judiciary carry no weight and are disregarded in the provinces."

Darabi was convicted of murdering a relative in 2003 when she was 17. She initially confessed to the murder, believing she could save her boyfriend from the gallows, but later retracted her confession. She was being detained at Rasht Prison in northern Iran since her arrest in 2003.

RIP Delara Darabi 1986-2009

So...the "authorities" told her on April 19th that she was off the hook for at least two months and on May 1st she was swinging from the noose with NO WARNING and NO OPPORTUNITY for her lawyer to do anything. What a lovely system of "justice" they have in the Islamic "Republic" of Iran. This is nothing new though as Iran executes juvenile offenders like Americans eat donuts...

What caught my attention was the fact that Amnesty International is "outraged" by this act, as if this kind of barbaric behavior is something new in the Middle East. Maybe if they stopped wasting all their time being obsessed with condemning Israel for acts of self defense they would have time to pay attention to what's actually going on in the world around them.

Blatantly silent however, is Amnesty International on this story about a Palestinian who had the audacity to conduct a real estate transaction...with a Jew. From the British Broadcasting Corporation:

A Palestinian military court has condemned a man to death by hanging for treason for selling land to Israelis. Anwar Breghit, 59, was convicted by a court in the West Bank town of Hebron. He sold property near his village "that he did not own", prosecutors said.

You know on second thought, maybe executing shady real estate salesmen in the US and A isn't such a bad idea...the article continues:

Only two people have had death sentences against them carried out, although others have been summarily executed over suspicions that they sold land to Israelis.

Paging Amnesty International...come in Amnesty International...

Not to be outdone however, the amazingly impartial BBC writer wraps up the story with a brief history lesson:

Israel occupied the West Bank and other Arab territory in the 1967 war. It has settled more than 400,000 of its own citizens in the West Bank and East Jerusalem - illegally in the eyes of international law, although Israel disputes this. The continued presence and expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank is one of the main points of contention in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Friction between settlements and the more than two million Palestinians in the West Bank frequently leads to violence and bloodshed.

They also throw in this picture and caption, just in case you naively believed they were blaming anyone other than Israel for this:

Israel has settled hundreds of thousands of its citizens on occupied land

Whaaaat?! In an article about a businessman being sentenced to DEATH for the crime of selling land to Jews, 4 out 10 paragraphs as well as the picture and caption (almost half of the entire article!) were devoted to reminding you that Jews don't belong in Judea and Samaria at all! Where are the worldwide condemnations from human rights groups? Where is Hilary Clinton? Barack Obama? The EU? The UN? Is there any leadership in the West at all? Where is the reaction from moderate Palestinians who condemn this insanity? Oh that's right there aren't any...because the people doing the sentencing here, Fatah, ARE the moderates.

We don't hear anything from the wise leadership of Obama or the UN because these are the people they want Israel to negotiate with in exchange for their support against Iran! We don't hear anything from human rights groups on this (but we do hear about Darabi) because as we have already explored previously - deep down they don't back Israel at all. Hence also why the BBC writer feels the need to put a context around this. You need to know that this event would not take place if Israel was not "occupying" the West Bank so that you can be sure to understand that all these people want you believe that in the end...this too is the fault of the Jews.

And just in case you thought that this wholesale barbarism that surrounds the only real democracy in the Middle East is limited to intelligent human beings who should know the difference between right and wrong, we shift our focus now to the Arab "Republic" of Egypt panicked "leadership's" response to the swine flu hysteria.

An Egyptian butcher carries a pig in Cairo, Egypt, Thursday, April 30, 2009. Egypt began slaughtering the roughly 300,000 pigs in the country Wednesday as a precaution against swine flu even though no cases have been reported here, infuriating farmers who blocked streets and stoned vehicles of Health Ministry workers who came to carry out the government's order. (AP Photo/Nasser Nouri)

Nevermind of course that swine flu isn't actually being spread by pigs at this point or that by all accounts the forecasted "global pandemic" is (as usual) turning out to be a bust. Nor is this the first time Egypt has instituted an unnecessary mass-slaughter of defenseless animals either. From the Associated Press article:

Egypt, which has no swine flu cases, is the only country in the world to order a mass pig slaughter in response to the disease. The move mirrored Egypt's battle with bird flu, in which the government killed 25 million birds within weeks in 2006.

Am I the only one who's blown away by these numbers? I mean, I'm no vegetarian or anything but isn't there something fundamentally unnecessary about ending the lives of 25 MILLION birds or 300 THOUSAND pigs? Put aside the fact that these tactics have proven entirely ineffective in the past...these animals are living beings after all. But you won't hear anything about it from PETA who's too busy campaigning against kosher food to care about what's going on in the Middle East.

Having human rights groups AND animals rights groups so unbelievably biased against you might seem strange somewhere else, but not in Israel.

Over there, it's just another week in the Middle East...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Does not compute

These attacks by Israeli military forces which endanger UN facilities acting as places of refuge are totally unacceptable and must not be repeated. Equally unacceptable are any actions by militants which endanger the Palestinian civilian population.
-Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary-General

The Bureau of the Committee demands that Israel end, immediately and unconditionally, its brutal military campaign against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.
-The Bureau of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People

Look at the conditions in Gaza: more and more, it resembles a big concentration camp.
-Cardinal Renato Martino, president of the Vatican's Council for Justice and Peace

The Holocaust, that is what is happening right now in Gaza
-Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

This always surprised me. Why can't any American politician criticize Israel in any way for their behavior?
-Jon Stewart

Be prepared for a unique surprise, you will be either killed or kidnapped and will suffer mental illness from the horrors we will show you.
-Izzedin Al Qassam Brigades

5.4 million





Something doesn't quite add up here.

The first number, 5.4 million, was the number of people killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo since a 1998 civil war began. That war continues today despite numerous peace treaties.

The second number, 400,000, is the number of people killed in the Darfur region of the Sudan since a 2003 outbreak of violence between the government-backed Janjaweed militias and the secular "rebels" of the region. Approximately 100 additional people were killed there a few of weeks ago. Fighting continues in Darfur today.

The third number, 65,000, is the number of Sri Lankans killed since the late 1980s, most of which have been civilians. During the war in Gaza, the Sri Lankan government forces overran the last stronghold of the Tamil Tigers -- a group considered a terrorist organization by the U.S. government -- at the expense of dozens of civilians. Approximately 50,000 government troops are currently advancing through the jungle, taking aim at the rebels.

The fourth number, 3,400 is a conservative estimate of the number of Palestinians killed by the Jordanian government in the span of 11 days during the Black September Jordanian civil war of 1970. Palestinian estimates claimed more than 20,000 dead.

The final number, 900 is the number of Palestinians killed as of Jan. 13 in Israel's current war of self-defense against Hamas, the vast majority of which have been terrorists.

Yet it is Israel that is condemned by the U.N., the Vatican, and the rest of the world. It is Jews that are attacked all over Europe and Israeli sports stars that are demonized for the defensive actions of their homeland.

Why is this? How can this be? How can 900 dead Palestinians cause so much international commotion while more than five million dead Africans cause nothing? Where are these sweeping quotes from all over the world when every day more innocent people die in these conflicts than have died during the entire span of the Israeli operation against Hamas? Where are the protests? Where are the calls for action, the Holocaust imagery, the demands for immediate ceasefires? Where are the rushed Security Council meetings?

The numbers just do not add up.

Interestingly, the answer lies not in the hate-filled comments from buffoons like Hugo Chavez.

Or comedians/apologists like Jon Stewart.

Rather it is statements like Ban Ki-Moon's that provide a glimpse into how the U.N. and the rest of the "peace camp" view this conflict.

So you don't have to scroll up here is that quote again:

These attacks by Israeli military forces which endanger UN facilities acting as places of refuge are totally unacceptable and must not be repeated. Equally unacceptable are any actions by militants which endanger the Palestinian civilian population.

Let's break this down for a minute. At first glance this quote is standard, even-handed political double-talk. We condemn one side, but we condemn the other side also. Neither side is right; they're both wrong. When you're trying to be an umpire, you have to be impartial, right?

But that's not what's going on here.

The secretary-general is saying that Israel attacking places of refuge is unacceptable. Then he says Hamas using those same places of refuge is equally unacceptable. However, this is a huge logical fallacy! It's not equally bad because if Hamas did not use schools as bases to bomb Israelis in the first place, the IDF would not have to attack the school! If two people get into a fistfight they are not EQUALLY liable...whoever throws the first punch is responsible for everything that happens afterward because if that person had not initiated the action - the fight would never have occurred. In Ban Ki-Moon's version of reality, Hamas did not start this fight...both parties are equally liable for it. And to take that stance in a clear war of self-defense, where a UN member state is aiming to protect its citizens from a terrorist entity, shows that the Secretary General and by extension the entire UN are simply not an honest broker in this matter.

By claiming there is moral equivalency between both sides when one side clearly initiated the fighting, when that same side DELIBERATELY targets innocent civilians while the other side showed restraint for EIGHT YEARS and takes great pains to AVOID killing innocent civilians, the United Nations is actually saying is that Hamas is right and Israel is wrong. If Hamas has an equal right to put civilians in harm's way as Israel does to defend their civilians from being put in harms way...what he is actually saying is that Israel DOES NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO DEFEND ITS OWN CIVILIANS FROM HAMAS ROCKETS. But it does have an obligation to protect Palestinian civilians from the actions of Hamas! Therefore there actually is no moral equivalency. Hamas is right and Israel is wrong.

And there it is. That's the difference between all those other conflicts and this one. This is why the UN has acted like it regretted passing the Partition Plan ever since 1947. Unlike the Congolese or Sri Lankan conflicts, there is no ambiguity here in the eyes of the UN. The Palestinians are right and the Israelis are wrong. Why else would the Palestinians be the only ethnic group on the planet to even have a "Bureau of the Committee on the Exercise" of their "Inalienable Rights" ?? In the eyes of the UN, the Palestinians are treated more unjustly than the Tamils of Sri Lanka and the secular Africans of Darfur and Congo. And we know the problem is the Jews because we do not have demands from the UN (or anyone else) that the Jordanians take responsibility for the Palestinians, despite the fact that Jordan killed significantly more Palestinians in the span of a few years than Israel ever has.

Using this warped logic, numbers like 5.4 million, 400,000, and 65,000 are somehow less than 900 and deserve less worldwide moral outrage. The numbers, in the end, DO add up.

But to any rational person...this line of thinking just does not compute.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Still more Palestinians executed by Hamas

Following up on two previous reports of Hamas firing on aid convoys and killing six Fatah supporters in one case as well as executing dozens of suspected "Israel-collaborators" in brings us more examples of this tyranny - this time from DEBKAfile:

Our sources disclose that the Hamas extremists are finding time for the brutal persecution of their rivals, the Palestinian Fatah. Under cover of the general mayhem, Hamas gangs are kidnapping Fatah operatives and executing them. Their bodies are tossed onto the mountains of uncollected garbage and their kinsmen informed where to find them. Hamas leaders are convinced their rivals are plotting to exploit the fighting to overthrow their regime.

Uncollected garbage. Well they are Fatah "operatives" after all. Lest we forget who these people are exactly, prior to the apologists' revisionist history of the post-Hamas-rise-to-power era, Fatah was responsible for no less than two intifadas and dozens of hijackings, murders, suicide bombings, shootings, knife attacks and thousands of dead and injured Jews. So while we at the RONMOSSAD blog don't feel TOO bad for these guys, they are the allegedly more "moderate" of the terrorist factions. See they at least PRETEND there might be hope, while Hamas tells it like it is. Which I GUESS is progress.

In any case, these Hamas saints, that are busily butchering their own fellow Palestinian Arabs, are the people the United Nations expects Israel to trust when they passed Resolution 1860 - which "stresses the urgency of and calls for an immediate, durable and fully respected ceasefire, leading to the full withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza."

Right. A "durable ceasefire" - with THESE people:

No mention of illegal weapons smuggling.

No mention of Hamas brutality against its own people.

No mention of violation of Israeli soverignty to kill and kidnap Israeli soldiers.

No mention of this guy:

No calls for Hamas to recognize Israel's right to exist.

No mention of Hamas at all.

It would be unbelievable if it wasn't so par for the course.

Thanks for the advice UN, but I think we'll continue taking care of our own business.

Bring back Gilad!