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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not-so-strange bedfellows: Rutgers University and the Palestine Children's Relief Fund

Just in case you hadn't already gotten your fill of appeasers and terrorist enablers this year, we have a story right out of that bastion of tolerance known as the United States college campus.

The following post was contributed by Tali, a regular reader of this blog and Rutgers University student. It was submitted to the Rutgers daily newspaper, the Daily Targum and (SHOCKINGLY) subsequently denied publication.

To give you some background on the topic, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey has a semi-annual "Meal Sign Away" program... which Rutgers students can donate the cost of their guests’ meals toward a prearranged charitable fundraiser.

This year, the "charitable fundraiser" that was chosen was the "Palestine Children's Relief Fund" - an organization that according to Rutgers (and themselves) is

a non-political, non-profit organization dedicated to fighting the medical and humanitarian crisis facing children in the Middle East.

To illustrate this, PCRF has loads of smiling children on their website to remind you of the beautiful work they do in "Palestine" and the rest of the Middle East.

Peace signs are cute and all...too bad in the Middle East this isn't a peace sign, it's a victory sign...

Now bear in mind, the mere fact that they refer to themselves as the Palestine Children's Relief Fund is in itself a pretty major political statement. Since there is no sovereign state of Palestine as of this printing, by referring to themselves in this fashion as opposed to, for example, the Palestinian Children's Relief fund, by default they are declaring their allegiance to a country that does not exist. Political and controversial, no doubt. But I can hardly say it as well as Tali did in her letter, which follows below:


Recently, the Rutgers University Student Assembly made a controversial decision by granting its semi-annual Meal Sign Away fundraising program to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund. When concerns were raised to the body regarding this decision, the body chose not to reconsider its original decision. Given the political nature of the PCRF, both the original decision and the decision not to reconsider it are ill-advised, and fail to serve the best interests of the Rutgers community.

The PCRF is a non-profit organization that claims to be non-political. Proponents of the PCRF have said that it is a strictly humanitarian organization and not a political one. When you consider the facts, however, claims that the organization is non-political couldn't be further from the truth. An examination of the organization’s activities reveals that political activism is a leading part of the PCRF’s mission.

Last year, the PCRF held a fundraising dinner dance right here in New Brunswick. Billed on the invitation as an "esteemed guest speaker" at the event was Stephen Walt, controversial co-author of a notoriously biased book entitled The Israel Lobby and American Foreign Policy. Walt's book demonizes Israel and rationalizes terrorism against it. It paints any lobbying effort on behalf of Israel as inimical and follows the mold of many historic instances of anti-Jewish conspiracy theories by painting Jews as having excessive power and influence. Regardless of your opinion on Walt or his book, it is undeniable that this issue is one of intense and heated political debate. How is this non-political?

Also last year, the PCRF co-sponsored a conference organized by the Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Center. Sabeel is a Palestinian Christian organization known for using theological arguments to generate hostility against Israel, often using thinly veiled analogies tying Jews to the crucifixion of Jesus. Their conferences, such as the one co-sponsored by the PCRF, are overtly political and known for their anti-Israel themes. How is this non-political?

Most appalling, however, is how the PCRF has used the very children it serves as props to fulfill its blatant political agenda.

The organization brought two of the children that came to the United States for medical care, Salam Safi and Badwan Abu-Mayaleh, to the "United for Al-Quds" conference in San Francisco. This event described the children as "victims of Israeli brutality," as described in an article in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. A leading speaker at the event was Imam Amir Abdul Malik Ali, a man who has publicly blamed Israel for the September 11 attacks. Is this non-political?

RUSA has historically shied away from taking stances on issues that may be even slightly political. The very same body that wouldn't take a stance on the New Brunswick wards issue suddenly became willing to take sides in a highly sensitive international conflict. Something just doesn't add up.

While students "sign-away" their meals at their own discretion, at the end of the day, the check that the PCRF will receive for the aggregate sum collected will be signed by Rutgers and endorsed by its student governing body. Considering the nature of the organization, this is unacceptable. Regardless of where you stand on the issues involved, RUSA should not be endorsing an organization that promotes and advocates for any political agenda.

There are many organizations that help Palestinian children without any controversy or political agenda. Some even work with Israeli hospitals in a spirit of non-political, peaceful cooperation. RUSA's decision to select the PCRF and its refusal to reconsider their decision is yet another example of the organization's failure of leadership. Rutgers students, we deserve better than the PCRF and RUSA.

Tali R. is a Rutgers University undergrad working towards her degree in Economics and Political Science


I don't know about you, but I was sold when I visited their homepage and saw that Jimmy Carter was a major proponent of theirs.

In any case, while Tali's well-written letter was rejected by the Targum, TWO letters in defense of the PCRF were not. One of them was penned by the chairman of the Rutgers University PCRF chapter and the other by a Rutgers alumnus and peace activist. Wow, what stunningly fair journalism! In fact the only Targum report on the topic that was critical of the decision came from a regular writer who would no doubt scream censorship (and justifiably so) if his article was denied.

So instead of having an honest debate we have a chorus of "liberal" activists who scream about diversity and understanding even as they shout down or shut out the opinions of those that disagree with them.

But it's nothing new and it isn't likely to change anytime in the near future. Luckily for the pro-Israel/Jewish/Zionist community at Rutgers there are voices like Tali's that are brave enough to rise above the rhetoric and ridiculous accusations and are willing to speak up for what's right. And we'll continue to give them a podium here when the mainstream refuses to.

Keep it going guys.

Friday, April 24, 2009


This week (April 29th to be exact) Israelis and Jews will celebrate the 61st anniversary of the reestablishment of their ancient state of Israel. Many Palestinians and Israeli Arabs however, will be commemorating 61 years since their "Nakba" or Great Catastrophe during which they lost their homeland to the Jewish/European invaders. Truly the story of the Palestinians is a sad one as ever since the beginning of their history they have been killed by outsiders.

The following as a brief summary of some of the catastrophes that have befallen the Palestinian people since the birth of their national consciousness...

1834: Hundreds of Palestinians are killed and raped, dozens of villages are destroyed and 10,000 deported to Egypt.

1938: 4,200 kilos of bombs are loaded into Jenin and detonated, destroying much of the town and causing numerous casualties. As part of the attack, Palestinians are used as "mine-sweepers" by being forced to drive through the city in advance of the attack. When questioned about these tactics, the perpetrators respond that they are confronted, "not with a chivalrous opponent playing the game according to the rules, but with gangsters and murderers."

1968-1970: Orders are given to "deal conclusively and without hesitation with the plotters who want to establish a separate Palestinian state and destroy the unity of the Jordanian and Palestinian people." As a result thousands of Palestinians are killed, thousands more are arrested. Tens of thousands are ethnically cleansed and deported out of entire cities.

1978: Laws and regulations are amended to treat Palestinians as foreigners. Their rights to free education, employment and even residency were taken away from them.

2001: Palestinian Arabs are deprived of their right to own property...laws are also passed depriving them of their ability to become citizens and work in 74 different fields.

2005: Attacks begin on Palestinians all over the country, estimates come in that over 600 have been killed.

October 1st, 2006: - 8 Palestinians are killed in various flashpoints throughout the occupied territories.

December 11-23 2006: - "At least 20 Palestinians, including children, killed in a series of tit-for-tat attacks."

2007: Over 350 Palestinians are killed and over are 550 wounded all over the West Bank and Gaza.

August 2nd, 2008: 9 Palestinians are killed and 95 hurt in Gaza.

January 3rd, 2009: At least 35 Palestinians are killed and an additional 75 have their legs shot or hands broken.

Let us all take a moment of silence in the memory of these tragedies that have befallen the Palestinian people over the past 170+ years...

The following parties must be held to accountability for these crimes of murder, rape, theft, ethnic cleansing and apartheid:

1. Egypt (1834 - occupation of Palestine and subsequent murders and rapes)
2. Britain (1938 - destruction of Jenin)
3. Jordan (1968-1970 - actions/ethnic cleansing against Palestine Liberation Organization based in its territory)
4. Egypt (1978 - discriminatory/apartheid laws being passed against Palestinians in Egypt)
5. Lebanon (2001 - discriminatory/apartheid laws being passed against Palestinians in Lebanon)
6. Iraq (2005 - attacks on Palestinians in sectarian violence)
7. Hamas and Fatah leadership (2006-now - attacks on each other that have killed dozens of civilians)

You won't find any mention of any of these atrocities on the websites that speak of crimes against Palestinians. Mysteriously absent is any mention of Arab-on-Arab violence, British military tactics or infighting amongst Muslims. You see, it's only an issue when Jews kill Muslims...when they kill each other it's just part of their culture...or it's the growing pains of a new Middle East...or any other number of silly excuses that have been given by "peace activists" and the like.

Let's also not forget that in 1947 when the United Nations voted for the Palestine Partition Plan that it would have been the first time in the history of the world that there was an independent Palestine:

Please note that with the exception of the coastal plain that included Tel Aviv and the next-door Arab enclave of Jaffa (that would still remain under Arab control), the remaining Jewish land was primarily uninhabitable, arid, rocky desert (everything from Beersheba and south). The Jews jumped at the opportunity to re-establish their homeland for the first time in 2,000 years even though it was essentially three unconnected patches of land and no claim or even access to Jerusalem, the ancient Jewish capital of 3,000 years.

The Palestinian (and Greater Arab World's) response was to declare war on the soon-to-be founded state of Israel. This resulted in a Jewish victory during which they took a significantly larger portion of the country than what the UN allotted them and resulted in the Yom Haatzmaut/Nakba duality that we will be celebrating/mourning this week.

To make it even clearer...if the Arabs had accepted the UN plan in 1947 we would be celebrating the 61st anniversary of Palestine on Wednesday as well as Israel. There would be no refugee problem, no issue of borders, no dead women and children, no conflict, no stupid excuses for Bin-Laden and the Palestinians would have a significantly larger country than even the one Ehud Barak was willing to give them in 2000 (which they again, rejected).

Instead they chose to follow the advice of their leader of the time (and inspiration for Palestinian nationalism still today) Haj Amin al-Husseini:

this was and will remain an Arab land. We do not mind you natives of the country, but those alien invaders, the Zionists, will be massacred to the last man. We want no progress, no prosperity. Nothing but the sword will decide the fate of this country.


Therefore, it is on the eve of the 61st anniversary of the Nakba of Palestinian people that the RONMOSSAD BLOG calls for the indictment of those parties responsible for the suffering of the oppressed Palestinian people that continues well into its 175th year:

-The Arab kings, sultans, dictators and autocrats of the 1800's, 1900's and 2000's
-The Palestinian leadership of the 1920's, 30's and 40's
-The Fatah/Hamas "leadership" that continues from 1948 into today

The RONMOSSAD BLOG also calls for true justice, solidarity and hope for the Palestinian people. The parties responsible must rectify this problem once and for all and those that continue to perpetuate these vile and intolerant laws against Palestinians in their own countries must be taken out of power immediately.

Furthermore, the RONMOSSAD BLOG asserts that the living conditions for Palestinians who chose to remain in Israel proper (referred to today as "Israeli Arabs") are significantly better than those of their neighbors in the refugee camps of their adoptive countries. Israeli Arabs have full voting rights, access to education and serve in the Israeli Parliament.

Therefore, the RONMOSSAD BLOG calls on the host countries of the Palestinian refugees to IMMEDIATELY grant them equal rights as they receive in Israel.

Finally, the RONMOSSAD BLOG declares that there will be no peace in the Middle East, no justice or hope for Muslims, Christians and Jews in Israel and Palestine until the Arab "leadership's" crimes of the Nakba are rectified. The conflict will continue until the world recognizes the FACTS that have been presented here.

Justice, solidarity and hope for the innocent victims of the Nakba. In 2009...and forever.

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Will the real Jon Stewart please shut up?

Once upon a time I used to watch the Daily Show. Many many years ago, before the entire world had lost its mind, this Weekend Update clone was one of the funniest shows on television. With its mix of news satire, lampooning of so-called serious reporters and their story selection (as well as the subjects of those stories), and host Jon Stewart's very clever and often self-deprecating humor...the show caught like wildfire with younger Americans - especially college students. In fact, a 2004 Pew Research Center report found that 21% of people 18 to 29 rely on Jon Stewart for their news.

But things started to change in 2004. During the election that year something seemed a about the coverage. Yes there were jokes about both candidates, but there seemed to be something a little...harsher about the Bush jokes. The audience cheers and laughter only seemed at the expense of the Republican candidate. And then, there was this...

...Stewart's softball interview with John Kerry. Keep in mind this was at the height of the "flip-flop" and Swift Boat controversies. And just so that you don't think that Stewart isn't capable of hard-hitting interviews, take a look at this segment with National Review columnist, Jonah Goldberg.

So we can establish the fact that Stewart doesn't like conservatives and George Bush, but does like John Kerry. Which makes sense because that's pretty much the audience he's catering to. It's also not surprising because Stewart, born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, is Jewish. And as we all know, Jews hate Republicans. Oh and like Sarah Silverman, he is JEWWWWWWWISH. Take this passage from a recent Moment Magazine writeup on him:

Dispensing Jewish humor like a tic, Stewart’s impish grin, self-deprecating punch lines and jokey cultural references are a staple of the show. He has referred to himself as “Jewey Von Jewstein” and cracked wise on Jewish noses, circumcision, anti-Semites, Jews who play baseball (a short list), Israel as “Heebie Land” and his grandma at Passover. When it comes to Jewish and Israeli politics, he stomps where WASPier comedians fear to tread. But although he regularly brings up the fact that he is Jewish, he rarely speaks earnestly about his Jewish upbringing or what being Jewish means to him.

Well of course he doesn't speak about what being Jewish means to him...he changed his last name to Stewart and married a Catholic woman. My guess is that it doesn't mean all THAT much. But it makes for some hilarious jokes.

In any case Moment Magazine came to the conclusion that Stewart is "the perfect Jewish ambassador" to represent us to the gentiles.

Is he really?

In his first show back from his Christmas vacation Stewart kicks off 2009 with a segment called "Strip Maul."

The Daily Show With Jon StewartM - Th 11p / 10c
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After yet another President Bush joke (will these ever end?) Stewart goes on (grinning and laughing the whole time) to remark that "it's not like Hamas lobbing missiles is an unusual and new occurrence, why does Israel feel they have to react so strongly now?" Why indeed. Stewart decides that it's because Israel is worried they won't have "carte blanche" in the "bombing department" from Obama. After some clips of American politicians supporting what should be a country he has an emotional connection to, Stewart appears frustrated with their one-sidedness.

But most galling is his mocking of Bloomberg's analogy for the "disproportionate force" argument at the end of the segment. Stewart actually appears to JUSTIFY the Palestinian rocket fire into Israel by making a joke about having "forced that guy to live in [his] hallway and make him go through check points every time he needs to take a [expletive deleted]."

Really Jon?

He then goes on to have an awkward interview with the new host of Meet the Press, David Gregory. In it he remarks at how "surprising" it his to him that no one ever seems to criticize Israel in "any way" for their "behavior" (claps and cheers abound after his statement). Stewart brings up the Israeli settlements, also as an apparent justification for the Hamas action and refers to Israel as a third rail issue.

Ok terrific.

I'm not even sure where to start here...

Wait I know...SHUT UP JON! You've made it clear that you don't care about your heritage or about Judaism in general, except for as a cheap laugh on your show every so often. You've made it clear that you have a political agenda - you support the Democrats which by definition makes you biased. And if there's one thing I can't stand, it's a comedian with an agenda. Your job is to make us LAUGH not to convince us to vote for your candidate, but that's a different conversation entirely.

Here's ANOTHER "ambassador" for the Jewish people ripping on Israel's right to self-defense. It's EMBARRASSING. And I'm so sick and tired of it already.

Jon - it's not your place to represent us to ANYONE. You don't like Israel's reaction to Gaza? You think Gaza rocket fire is because of SETTLEMENTS? You mean the settlements that Israel dismantled in Gaza? The ruins of which the Palestinians are now firing rockets from at your brothers and sisters? You ignorant, embarrassment to the Jews. Have you ever even read the Hamas charter? Have you ever watched Palestinian television?

You say Israel "forces" Palestinians to "live in the hallway" huh? You have a problem with checkpoints? Do you know why there are checkpoints? Let me educate you Jonathan. It's because when there were no checkpoints, Hamas and Fatah Palestinian SUICIDE KILLERS would do everything they could to sneak into Israel and bomb women and children in pizza stores. Do you understand what that means? You're sitting at the Sbarro on 33rd St in Manhattan with your son Nathan Thomas and your daughter Maggie Rose when all of the sudden


Oh and hey - those same poor people who have to go through the checkpoints that you are so upset over (who would kill you and your children the first chance they could) celebrated this event with a "Sbarro Cafe Exhibition" complete with body parts and pizza slices. Oh and Jon, that was just one of FOUR such attacks in the month of August/2001. So yes, we have some checkpoints.

You know what else we have though, Jonathan? Doctors. And that guy that we force to live in the hallway and go through checkpoints? We also treat his son for cancer. Would Hamas do that for your children, Jon? Or would they try to blow them up during your Passover seder? That is, assuming you have a Passover seder.

You get it now? You understand maybe why EVERYONE with any common sense or understanding of the situation backs Israel? You understand why no one in Congress criticizes Israel's response? No Jon, it's not because you can't criticize Israel and still get elected. It's because Israel is RIGHT.

Hamas is WRONG.

Israel is RIGHT.

It's that simple. But what does it matter who's right and who's's all about the ratings and the Oscars and moving out of cable and onto a major network. Right Jon?

You may be a funny guy, but you are most certainly NOT our ambassador.

And for God's sake Jon, it's pronounced Is-RA-el not Is-REAL.