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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Go ahead, build it.

Build it wherever you want. Build it as high as you want. Call it the Cordoba House. Call it Park 51. Call it Area 51 for all I care.

In fact, why don't you just build it 110 stories high, put a giant green crescent on top instead of an antenna and call it the World Trade Center Islamic Super Destroyer Victory (but our intentions are actually peaceful, we swear) Mosque. You think that's ridiculous? You think I'm out of line? Do you know what Cordoba is?

It's the name of a city in Spain that was overrun by the Islamic invaders in 716 AD. As is customary during Islamic invasions (google the Hagia Sophia, Ka'aba, Al Aqsa Mosque, Cave of the Patriarchs, Qutub Minar or The Great Synagogue of Oran for a few more examples), the main non-Islamic religious center of the city was converted into a mosque once it was captured. Lest you think that this is just ancient history, here's an entry from a 2005 edition of al-Fateh, the delightful Hamas children's magazine:
In the year 97 of the Muslim calendar, the ruler of Andalus (the Arabic word for Spain), Ayoub bin Habib al-Lahimi moved the Capital to my sister city, Cordoba… in the year 646 of the Muslim calendar, Ferdinand III besieged me and conquered me after a siege which lasted one year and five months, and that was due to the strength of my fortifications and my walls. This is when the Golden Age of the Muslims ended, and Asbilia (Seville) was lost by the Muslims.
The fantasy continues...
I yearn that you, my beloved, will call me to return, together with the rest of the lost cities of the lost orchard [Andalus] to the hands of the Muslims so that joy and happiness will fill my land, and you will visit me because I am the bride of the country of Andalus.
Interesting that the Imam of the congregation that will be praying at this site has refused to condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization. Very interesting. Ponderous even.

So when you want to build an "Islamic cultural center" within spitting distance of two buildings that were destroyed by Muslim invaders...and then choose to name it after another "successful" Islamic invasion...if that's REALLY what you want to do...well, what's there really to say?

And yet, I'm supposed to pretend that I don't get the reference or else I'M the ignorant one? I'm the hateful one? Whatever you say guys. I mean honestly, what does it matter what anyone says anyway?

At the end of the day, you're going to do whatever it is you want to do anyway because I can't stop one can.

Because you see, in OUR country, we tolerate people even when they abuse us, even when their intentions are so obviously incendiary, even when they surround themselves with 9/11 truther scumbags, even when they support terrorists. Even then, in this country, these people have their rights.

So build the mosque. Build it tall, build it wide, build it as a the shrine to Muhammad and Allah that you feel they deserve, that you feel they want.

Because in the end, it's all about what Allah wants isn't it? It doesn't matter who you upset. It doesn't matter who you hurt. It's all about the glory of Allah and what Allah wants...

And this is what Allah wants, right Imam Rauf and mosque supporters?

Allah wants you to offend 70% of the residents of the country you reside in.

Allah wants to radicalize both sides so the only voices heard are those of screaming extremists.

Allah wants you to cause strife and anger and infighting in the streets of Manhattan.

Right Imam Rauf?

Allah wants you to be the subject of every stupid editorial that suggests we're all Islamophobic, every braindead talking head on television, every extremist rant, "liberal" sob-fest and nightly talk show snooze-fest.

Allah wants to be in everyone's face, everywhere, all the time.


So go ahead. Build the mosque. It's what Allah wants and the will of Allah surely supercedes the will of some secular, weak, directionless, motionless, powder puff, marshmellow society that doesn't even realize is on the verge of disaster.

Show the world exactly who you are and what you want. Expose us all for the weaklings we are. Show everyone that your religion is SO rigid, SO fanatic, SO ridiculous that even an allegedly "moderate" leader would rather build a shrine than have some common decency for the community he purports to be a part of.

And no, Imam Rauf, no...don't renounce Hamas. Don't renounce a group that bans women from smoking and receiving their inheritance, that destroys water parks because it is the will of Allah that men and women don't go swimming together. Because in the end, that's all that matters. The will of Allah.

THE WILL OF ALLAH. The religion of peace.

So go ahead, build the mosque and show us all how awful you and your congregation really are.


That's what I think...what's YOUR reaction?

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11: Have we overreacted?

On CNN the other day I awoke to the following headline:

Did the U.S. overreact to 9/11?

It's an interview with world renown Islamic fundamentalist apologist and student of Neville Chamberlain's Appeasement 101 course in totalitarianism-enablement, Fareed Zakaria.

Here's what the Zak-Attack had to say on the subject...

CNN: You've written that we've overreacted to 9/11 and al Qaeda. In what way do you think that's the case?

Zakaria: I mean it in two senses. We didn't spend a lot of time in the year after 9/11 -- once we had taken it on, once we had started chasing these people around the world, measures which I strongly supported then and still strongly support -- whether that had been effective and whether we had broken up the organization and made it far more difficult for them to operate. And therefore, what was the real nature of the threat going forward?

I think it's clear that al Qaeda is a much-diminished force. It has the power to inspire a series of local organizations around the world, but it has very little power to direct these high-profile terrorist attacks itself. The reaction to my point that al Qaeda is weaker than we think has surprised me only because I've made this point since 2004, and I've made it repeatedly.
Amazing. Al Qaeda is a "diminished" force - so...let's just let it be. He's "surprised" why people don't take that point of view seriously...
CNN: Why do you think many people have not agreed with that point?

Zakaria: I do think we have a tendency in the United States to underestimate the evil intentions of our enemies, but overestimate their capacity, their capabilities.

What we now know, based on all the declassified documents we have available is that in the 1970s and '80s, the U.S. was massively overestimating the military capacity of the Soviet Union...
Oh yeah, that's right - it's the EXACT same thing as the Cold War. Question for you Fareed, how many times did the Soviet Union actually conduct a military strike on American soil? I'll give you a hint, the answer is less than one.
CNN: So what should be done now?

Zakaria: This would be the right time for us to take a look and ask ourselves, in order to combat the actual threat that al Qaeda poses, which is real but which is limited in some senses -- what kind of intelligence apparatus do we need, what kind of homeland security apparatus do we need and how much can we do in terms in reallocating, reorganizing and reinventing these national security agencies rather than constantly piling up layer upon layer.
Right, perfect. Let's just go back to chasing terrorists around the world and leaving it up to the intelligence agencies. Because THAT worked out for us REALLY well during the 90's.
CNN: Why do you think people have missed the change in al Qaeda's capabilities?

Zakaria: We're not looking at trends within the Islamic world where al Qaeda has been politically discredited, trends that are taking place within the jihadi community, where prominent jihadis have broken with al Qaeda.

The reality is that al Qaeda has been unable to organize a single attack [against a major target in recent years], the reality is that when smaller local groups plan terrorist attacks all they can attack are local targets like cafes or train stations and thus kill locals, further alienating the local population and discrediting and delegitimizing al Qaeda and its associated groups.
EXACTLY Fareed. Why worry? The only really dangerous terrorism is the kind that blows up World Trade Centers (9/11), trains (3/11), tourist resorts (Bali Blast), invades downtown cities (Mumbai) and other massive operations. It's really no big deal if an occasional bus explodes, a shopping mall gets hit or a cafe gets bombed. That kind of stuff isn't dangerous. So if all the "jihadi community" does is go after locals, that's not a big deal at all.

Can't you see, everybody? We already won! Nevermind the aftermath. Nevermind the fact that the world is roiling all around us. Nevermind that the Iranian lunatics are about to gain access to nuclear weapons. Nevermind that Egypt and Pakistan are on the precipice of being overrun by fanatics. Nevermind that thousands of lives are lost in Somalia, Darfur and all over the world on a regular basis - in the name of radical Islam.

Go back to bed America, your government has figured out how it all transpired. Go back to bed America, your government is in control again.

(WARNING: potentially offensive language and imagery in that clip)

Sorry Fareed, not me.

If you ask me we didn't react STRONGLY ENOUGH. 9/11 should have been to us what Pearl Harbor Day was: A date which will truly live in infamy. When the United States was suddenly and deliberately sneak attacked by the forces of an imperialist, expansionist enemy whose tentacles surround almost the entire world. An enemy who has grown stronger as we have exposed our weaknesses by refusing to unite against it and make the necessary sacrifices to defeat it - as we did during World War II. An enemy who is on the precipice of achieving nuclear power.

So what if al Qaeda is "diminished" ? What about Iran? Hizballah? Hamas? Islamic Jihad? Taliban? Kashmiri Liberation Front? Chechen Mujahideen? Sudanese Janaweed? What about the unaffiliated terrorists who work and train together in a loose confederation? What about the underwear bomber? Nidal Malik al-Hasan? The attempted Time Square Bomber? Doesn't Fareed (and everyone else that wants to go back to the good old days of burying our heads in the sand) realize that the ONLY REASON we haven't had two more catastrophic attacks in the past year ALONE is because of sheer luck? Don't these people realize that these instances have gone UP since we've adopted a kinder, gentler, scaled back operation?

I haven't forgotten. Nor will I. I know what these people are capable of. I still remember.

I still remember how I felt this morning...every time I watch a movie from the 80's or 90's that these buildings appear it stings a little bit.

And no amount of ridiculous conspiracy theorizing or threat minimization will ever change that.

The lessons of 9/11 live on as long as Islamic totalitarianism continues its attempts to expand and envelope the globe in its backward despotism. Whether it calls itself al Qaeda, Taliban, Hizballah, Islamic Jihad or something else.

The saga continues...whether we want it to or not...




As in the past, here are the top trending news headlines for this year's 9/11 from CNN:

1. Florida reverend calls off Quran burning
2. Nine years after 9/11, photo provides peace
3. 'Prince of pot' gets 5 years in U.S. prison
4. Bodies ID'd in San Bruno explosion, fire
5. Actor: Stabbing girlfriend was a mistake
6. Police arrest man, then give him bike
7. 'Manhattan' ice island splits in two
8. Igor likely to become hurricane
9. 85 inmates escape from prison in Mexico
10. Utility also involved in 2008 gas explosion

And as in the past 9/11 is still taking a backseat to all kinds of nonsense...

More to come.


That's what I think...what's YOUR reaction?

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Living on a Thin Line: Israel, terrorism and the world in 2010...EXPLAINED

So by popular demand, I'm going to do a line-by-line break down of the Living on a Thin Line video. If you haven't seen it yet (or would just like to rewatch it), you can check it out right here:

There's a lot packed in here and literally every image is there for a reason, so let's get right into it...

Part I: A brief history lesson

*Opening music* - We open with three images, one is a map of the ancient kingdoms of David and Solomon,

another is a picture of ancient Hebron and then old Jerusalem, with Psalms 137:5

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem - אִם-אֶשְׁכָּחֵךְ יְרוּשָׁלִָם

superimposed on it. The rest of the verse says "let my right hand forget her cunning" - meaning that if as Jews we forget how important Jerusalem (the ancient capital of the Jewish Kingdoms of the 1st and 2nd Temple periods) is, we should lose the usage of our right hands. i.e. We must always remember the significance of Jerusalem to Jewish history and heritage.

The idea behind opening with these images is to establish the HISTORICAL connection between Jews and Israel. Even taking away the religious aspect...the old "God gave us the land" argument...there's no question that Jerusalem and Israel has been a part of Jewish heritage for at least 3,000 years. This counteracts the ridiculous assertions by the Helen Thomas wannabes of the world who claim that Jews are invaders on Palestinian land.

In reality the post-Muhammad Arabs (as well as the Romans who preceded them) were the invaders and the Jews were the indigenous people who were displaced about 2,000 years ago. That it took a long time for many of the original original inhabitants to return does nothing to minimize their ties to the land.

Hebron is included because in addition to being it is believed to be the burial place of all the Jewish patriarchs and matriarchs, it was actually King David's first capital before he moved to Jerusalem. Yet today, it is written off as nothing more than a "settlement" by the vast majority of the planet. Hebron and Jerusalem also happen to be one of the cities in Israel that had a contiguous Jewish presence all through the Diaspora years.

The only time this was interrupted was when it was the scene of an Arab pogrom in 1929 and again was the scene of violence during the 1936-1939 Arab Revolt. At this time the remaining Jewish families of Hebron were forcibly removed from territory that had been part of their tradition for literally thousands of their descendants who have returned to Hebron after decades of Jordanian rule are treated as fanatic settlers holding back the country from making more Land for Peace deals.

Which of course brings us to...

*Music picks up* - and we get to Land for Peace in the Middle East...a short montage of Israeli and Arab leaders who have either given or received land as part of the Land for Peace process. They're arranged as follows:

Menachem Begin, Anwar Sadat, Yitzchak Rabin, Yasir Arafat (with special guest appearance by our friend Saddam Hussein) and of course Ariel Sharon. Without exception everyone in these pictures are either dead or brain-dead. Half of them are dead at the hands of their own people.

This montage is followed by the modern city of Tel Aviv as well the Old City of Jerusalem...juxtaposing again, the inseparable religious, cultural and historical ties of the Jews to the land of Israel. After this we see the security barrier in Bethlehem which surrounds the ancient burial place of Rachel, the Jewish matriarch. The barrier (which for the vast majority of the border between Israel-proper and the West Bank is a fence) here is a wall due to the frequent shooting attacks on Jewish civilians going to their holy site that took place when the border was a fence. Again the juxtaposition of past ties to history with (the rather sad) modern reality.

The final image before the lyrics begin is of Masada, the ancient Jewish fortress that was the last bastion of the Jews that fought the Romans 2,000 years ago. For years, Israeli soldiers would be taken here where they would proclaim that "Masada shall never fall again" - symbolizing again the juxtaposition of modern Israeli society and the ancient ties to the land that long precede any Arab invasions. This is something that is often forgotten when accusing Zionists of being "foreign" invaders. Or when people claim that the Bible is irrelevant when discussing the West Bank.

"All the stories have been told" - the Dead Sea Scrolls. Again, archeological proof of the Jews' historic ties to the land. Often critics of Israel paint Zionists as religious fanatics who use the Bible as their deed to the land (the legitimacy of which these critics reject). However, as the Dead Sea scrolls showed us, the Bible (whether a divine "Word of God" or just an historical record of a Jewish society in ancient Israel ) has been around in a form similar to what it is today for at LEAST 2,000 years.

"Of kings and days of Old" - King David and the ancient Jewish Temple of Jerusalem...self explanatory I think.

"But there's no England now" - There's a shot of a group of British soldiers

standing over an illegal Jewish immigration ship full of Jews waiting to disembark onto their ancient homeland. The British prevented Jews from immigrating into Mandate Palestine in an attempt to appease the Arab population after the Arab Revolt of 1939. This was painful, but especially painful during the Holocaust years of WWII when literally millions of Jews could have been saved from the Nazi ovens if not for this policy.

But there's no England now...after the next two images, first of Lord Balfour and second of Jews raising the Israeli flag during the last days of the British Mandate. Never again will a foreign government prevent Jews from returning to their ancient homeland and never again will Jewish refugees have nowhere to go but to their death. Israel guarantees this.

"All the wars that were won - or lost" - Photo of the victorious Israeli soldiers at the Western Wall in 1967 (as well as a reunion of the same three soldiers at the wall decades later)...followed by a photo of three Israeli soldiers returning from the 2006 Lebanon War. This war, while effectively securing quiet for Northern Israel for the past four years was widely perceived as failing to achieve a tangible military objective.

"Somehow don't seem to matter very much anymore" - images of anti-Israel protests, very clearly calling for violence and rejecting Israel as a legitimate state.

"All the lies we were told, all the lies of the people running round" - Images of the 1993 Oslo Accords and the 2000 Camp David Summit. Both times involved lies from Yasir Arafat to two different Israeli prime ministers that he would curb terrorism. Also both images serve as fitting bookends between the beginning and end of Clinton's misguided attempt to force an agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

This is followed by an image of current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton embracing Arafat's wife and current President Barack Obama sitting with

Edward Said - a noted pro-Palestinian advocate, rock thrower and proponent of Israel absorbing all Palestinians...effectively destroying Israel as a Jewish state. Both Clinton and Obama promised (lied) to Jews during their campaigns that they would be the best friend Israel ever had. They are turning out to be the most negative Administration in regards to Israel in recent history.

"Their castles have burned" - pretty self-explanatory. As the World Trade Center collapses, the video becomes increasingly grainy and time marches on from 9/11/2001 our memory seems to become more grainy and distorted and more and more we forget the significance of the day.

"Now I see change" - images of Independence Day celebrations in Tel Aviv. The ultimate symbol of change in Jewish culture...more than anywhere else, Tel Aviv represents the Zionist initiative to control the destiny of the Jewish people instead of just leaving it up to chance. Unfortunately for the Zionists...

"But inside we're the same as we ever were." - ...with the most publicly well-known Jews like Jon Stewart bashing Israel and Zionists (and therefore the concept of Jewish self-determination) on a regular basis, are we really that different from our shtetl-dwelling (and ultimately Holocaust-bound) ancestors? Ironically, Stewart (and other assimilated, pacifist Jews) has much more in common with his streimel-wearing grandparents than he might be comfortable with.

"Living on a thin line" - Image of how close Sderot, Israel is to the Gaza Strip. Significant because...

"Tell me now" - ...Qassam rockets have been fired into Sderot (and other Israeli population centers) on a daily basis for the past decade. The images of the wreckage should make it clear that these are not the firecrackers the media often makes them out to be.

"What are we supposed to do?" - A religious Jewish soldier prays with an APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) in the background. An interesting juxtaposition of the old Jewish method of dealing with danger (prayer) with the new Jewish method of dealing with danger (self-defense). History has taught us that prayer alone will not save us...the time is rapidly approaching where as a people we will have to choose between taking action and simply hoping for the best. What are we supposed to do indeed?

"Living on a thin line," - In 2005, Israel dismantled its settlements and left the land to the Palestinians as they demanded. The charts show Qassam rocket attacks which spiked tremendously after the disengagement from Gaza. The photos in between the two charts are of the heartbreaking disengagement process...

"Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?" ...which as the second chart and map of rocket impacts in Sderot demonstrate, only served to make life significantly worse for even non-settler Israelis in Sderot, Ashdod, Ashkelon and many other cities all over the Western Negev desert. The fact that we're even in a position where we have to reminisce about the days when the number of daily rocket attacks on schools and houses in quiet suburbs was in the single digits or low 10's speaks to how absurd of a situation we're actually in.

"Living on a thin line," - image of the potential threat to major Israeli population centers from the West Bank if Israel was to surrender the territory in a peace deal. Given the experience in Gaza, what nation/government could be expected to repeat the same behavior and put an additional 50% (if not more) of their population at risk for rocket-fire chaos?

"Living this way, each day" - Despite the media portrayal of the conflict as a battle between a Palestinian David and and an Israeli Goliath...this ridiculousness fails to address the fact that in addition to the poor, rock-throwing (but now Surface=to-Surface-Missile-firing) Palestinians, there are almost 60 countries behind them that not only refuse to help them...but actually incite and supply them with weapons that actually worsen their misery. These 60 countries have exponentially more resources and land than Israel does as the "DAVID VS GOLIATH" image points out. This is followed by Palestinians camped along the border with Israel to again illustrate just how precarious of a position Israel is actually in.

"is a dream" - Peace in the Middle East...still nothing more than a dream.

"What am I, what are we" - What are we...who are we if we allow these indiscriminate rockets to continue to fall on innocent civilians everday?

"supposed to do?" - Pray for the peace of's easy to get frustrated, throw up our hands and just hope and pray for help from above. But even religious people will tell you that God only helps those that help themselves.

"Living on a thin line," - More images of the precarious situation Israel is in...first barbed wire in Hebron, then a settler family sits amongst the wreckage of their home after being evicted by the IDF. Again, Jews evicting other Jews in the name of peace and satisfying the demands of the other side. This is followed by images of Palestinian riots from the 1st and 2nd intifada...riots which the Palestinian government did nothing to prevent and in fact even encouraged.

There's a thin line between doing the "right thing" and outright insanity. On the one hand you have a government (Israel) that polices its own people, dismantles what the other side claims are "illegal settlements" and is governed by the rule of law, no matter how painful it may be...whereas on the other hand (Palestinian Authority, Hamas/Fatah) you have a government that not only doesn't police its own people, actually INCITES them to riot, encourages them to commit acts of violence and rules BY law as a dictatorship in democracy's clothing. A stark contrast indeed.

"Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?" - FIGHT TERROR: SUPPORT ISRAEL. Self-explanatory.

Part II: Where we are today

"Now another century's nearly gone" - Images showing some of the dour statements about the "Decade from Hell" - the 2000's. The first decade of the 21st century was undoubtedly one of struggle, turmoil and overall malaise as 9/11 was followed by what seemed like a perpetually up-and-down economy...finally ending in the spectacular housing and financial meltdown in the United States. By the time Major Nidal Malik al Hasan turned his gun on his fellow American soldiers in November of 2009, it seemed like every naive belief about the future that we had in our Clintonian, post-Cold-War euphoria of the 1990's had been shattered by a nightmarish chain of events that just never seemed to end.

"What are we going to leave for the young" - If we do not stand up to the Iranian nuclear program now, how on Earth will we deal with them when they actually have a nuclear weapon? Or will we just do what we usually do, that is leave our problems to the next generation to solve?

"What we couldn't do, what we wouldn't do," - While the War on Terrorism was initially fought with wide, bi-partisan, popular support...setbacks in Iraq slowly turned the American public against the idea of preemptive strikes. This change in public sentiment was characterized by comedians (again like Jon Stewart - although by no means was he the only one) questioning the wisdom of the Bush Administration's handling of "The War Against Terror" (how can we wage a war against a tactic/idea like "terror", for starters) as well as the rather disgraceful practice of many Democrats appearing to relish setbacks (or worse, pretending there was no need for a war at all as depicted in the hear/see/speak no evil cartoon) as opportunities to bash the Administration and mobilize their supporters to eventually retake Congress.

To be sure, Republicans have politicized these wars as well but since they were the party in power for years the nature of their politics was to point to successes as compared to many Democrats' practice of pointing to failures. There has also been a disturbing trend in recent years of a dramatic reduction in rank-and-file Democrats' support for Israel. No offense to the true believers, but that's just the nature of the (political) beast.

In any we stand today midway through 2010...even mentioning the dated phrase "War on Terrorism" will get you strange looks as if you're still stuck in some bygone, nostalgic, pre-Obama, silly Bush-era, ultra-patriotism that doesn't really exist anymore. Syria, Iran and several other states still publicly support terrorist factions with very little tangible recourse from the rest of the world.

"It's a crime," - One manifestation of our society's lack of resolve in prosecuting the war against Islamic fundamentalism is the treatment of terrorists as criminals instead of enemy combatants. Closing Guantanamo Bay? Civilian trials on American soil for captured terrorists with full Constitutional rights? Mirandizing enemies that were caught on the field of battle? How irresponsible. We might as well just bury our heads in the sand and hope for the best.

"But does it matter?" - And now to top it off, in an attempt to appease the Islamic world, the Obama Administration has stopped referring to a "War on Terror" (or more accurately, War on Islamic Fundamentalism) at all. So just like that, it's over. Unfortunately someone forgot to tell that to the guys that are still trying to kill all of us. Is it really that much of a big deal though? It's just semantics isn't it?

"Does it matter much to you?" - An iconic photo of Obama shoving his finger into Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's chest (and Netanyahu's pained expression) has thus far encapsulated the difference in how this Administration has handled the war and its support for allies in the war like Israel. You can be sure this change in behavior is more than just semantics to leaders like Netanyahu who represent populations that suffer every day at the hands of terrorists.

"Does it ever really matter?" - Hamas "diplomats" leaning back in their chairs, brandishing their AK-47's while Israelis worry about protecting their babies from the rockets that these "diplomats" fire at them everyday. How the War on Islamic Fundamentalism is fought is exceptionally important to both sides of the conflict. "We have no spare children" is a common phrase used in Israel, often as a demand that the government not take unnecessary risks with Israeli soldiers who are drafted and still viewed as children by their parents (who they often still live with). This is why it is so exceptionally painful for the entire nation every time a soldier is wounded, captured or killed.

It's also a phrase used as a demand that the government protect Israeli citizens from people like the aforementioned Hamas diplomats...who the rest of the world believes they should be trusting/rewarding by giving them more territory. Finally this Israeli slogan is in stark contrast to the oft-repeated claim from Palestinian mothers of terrorists that they are proud of their "martyr" children and have 10 more children that they would love to donate to the cause of destroying Israel.

"Yes it really really matters" - Collage of pictures of destruction and heartbreak due to "Hamas diplomacy" (read: ROCKET ATTACKS) in Sderot, Israel. It really really REALLY matters to these people too. Cartoon depicting the absurdity of world condemnation of Israeli response to these attacks thrown in for good measure.

"Living on a thin line," - Gilad Shalit is still alive and in captivity! Another year comes, another year goes and still the longest running active kidnapping (where the perpetrators are publicly known) continues. He can never EVER be forgotten. If you'd like more information Shalit you should click here or here to read my previous thoughts on this subject. In any case, Gilad is most definitely living on a thin line.

This is followed by President Obama's head superimposed on the body of Neville Chamberlain at the infamous Munich Pact signing. In the lead-up to World War II, rather than confronting Adolf Hitler's aggression in Czechoslovakia, Austria and against his own Jewish citizens, Britain and the rest of the world's democracies pursued a policy of appeasement. This gave Hitler the the courage to pursue his brazen plans with impunity, plunging almost the entire world into war and killing 10's of millions of people.

If Obama, Europe and even Jewish traitors like J Street likewise move to sacrifice Israel to the Arabs, Iran and their growing sphere of influence, the result (with today's nuclear weapons) will be even greater fireballs than those that rocked the world in the 1940's. The irony of a Black president ordering Jews out of the West Bank - essentially calling for segregation - as part of this policy of appeasement is brilliantly captured by the Dry Bones cartoon that follows the nuclear fireball:

"Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?" - Which Middle East nation protects LBGT (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender) communities? Which Middle East nation guarantees freedom of religion (or non-religion) for ALL of its citizens? Where in the Middle East can gays serve in the military? The answer to all of the above of course, is only in Israel. The idea that self-proclaimed liberals regularly rail against the only country to do these things in the name of "social justice" is ponderous to say the least.

That there are so many LBGT JEWS (like the one pictured in the image that immediately follows those posters) that protest in favor of Hamas - an organization that would stone them to death so fast they wouldn't even know what hit them - is the peak of lunacy. Bonus points to anyone if you can tell me if this person is a man or woman because I honestly have no idea.

"Living on a thin line," - Being gay in Iran sucks. Yes. Yes it does. The people pictured by the way are gay teenagers being hanged in Iran. Keep supporting their right to nuclear weapons LBGT people, really...this can't possibly end badly for you.

More pictures of Iran's nuclear weapons and missile program follow. There are two cartoons - one of Obama reminding a disinterested Prime Minister Netanyahu to stick to his "road map to peace" as an Iranian ICBM heads straight for their heads. This is followed by another cartoon that re-states my previous point about the danger of Obama following in Chamberlain's footsteps by pursuing an appeasement strategy with Iran.

"Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?" - Stand up for Israel, STOP IRAN. Self-explanatory.

The final graphic in this series is an image of Neda Agha-Soltan...a woman that was killed in last year's Iran election riots. Her death, which was captured on video became a major rallying point for the "Free Iran" movement (who if you click on the previous link had questionable motives themselves). Her image was used in many posters like this one that rallied supporters to stand up to the Ahmedinejad regime. This is the only image in the entire video that fades out...just as the "Free Iran" movement - that so many people thought had so much potential - has faded away into irrelevancy. In fact, the anniversary of the riots just passed without a single major incident. Thanks for the memories.

Part III: Tell me now, what are we supposed to do...about the future?

"Now another leader says" - Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey. Turkey, which was formerly Israel's strongest (and many would argue ONLY) Muslim ally has changed their tone since Islamist movements were given more of a voice in the government after decades of forced-secular rule. Turkey, despite having a high percentage of its population identifying strongly with their religion has forced - sometimes even through military coups - a secular system on itself, with an even stricter separation of mosque and state than even exists in the United States.

Not only was Islam separated from government affairs since the fall of the Ottoman Empire, but Turkish citizens were even forbidden to dress in clothes that were identified with Islam where they entered the public sphere. It was only natural then that the only two secular democracies in the Middle East would be drawn to each other and the relations between Turkey and Israel (going so far as training soldiers together during joint-military exercises) were often pointed to as an example of what could be possible for the rest of the Islamic countries with the right engagement program. However, since the ascent of Erdogan and the Islamist parties, decades of friendship and cooperation have been steadily replaced by...

"Break their hearts and break some heads." - Images from the recent "Gaza Freedom Flotilla" where Israeli commandos boarded a Turkish passenger liner that had been converted into a cargo transport for the Palestinians of Gaza. Unfortunately for everyone (including the Palestinians) the "aid" portion of this ship (as well as 5 others that made up the "flotilla") was really just a cover for 50 or so Islamic militants, Hamas supporters and even some al Qaeda members to make an attempt at running the Israeli blockade of Gaza. This blockade has been effect since the Hamas movement (I've written about them numerous times in the past) seized control of Gaza in a bloody coup and has been using it as a staging ground to fire rockets into Israeli cities like you saw earlier in the video.

After numerous calls for the ships to turn around and even unload their cargo (which for some reason also included bulletproof vests and night-vision goggles along with many goods that weren't even in shortage in Gaza) at Ashdod, Israel - where they would then be loaded up into trucks and transported to Gaza using an already established and functioning system designed to bring humanitarian aid to civilians - the militants on-board told the Israeli military to go [expletive deleted] itself and the Jews in general to go back to Auschwitz.

At this point the Israeli naval commandos boarded the ships armed only with paintball guns and their sidearms and were immediately surrounded by the lynch mob which you see in the video.

"Is there nothing we can say" - The Israelis, after being stabbed, beaten with poles, thrown overboard and apparently shot when the "peace activists" stole a few of their sidearms from them, eventually returned fire and killed several of them. This action has prompted world-wide outrage and demands that Israel end the blockade and that world leaders talk to Hamas, a known terrorist organization that has killed more Palestinians than Israelis in the past 3 years.

"or do?" - Emphasizing the point of the futility in trying to work with this terrorist organization are several headlines about Hamas executing Palestinians, stealing from charities and then selling the supplies to their own population, ripping off the VERY charities that organized the Flotilla and most brazenly - REFUSING THE AID FROM THE FLOTILLA after the Israelis delivered it right to them.

What kind of government that is responsible for citizens currently living in a "humanitarian crisis" REFUSES food and medicine?! Are these REALLY the people we're supposed to work with? Is there nothing we can say or do to show the rest of the world how terrible these people really are? And WHY is it that the entire world seems to be so obsessed with Israel's behavior when there are literally thousands of people being killed, raped, beaten, tortured and abused EVERY DAY all over the world? Is an Israeli apartment building REALLY that much more of a pressing matter than this never-ending chaos? Unfortunately these questions are answered with the bumper sticker at the end of this segment: "Peace in the Middle East, just kidding". Everyone talks about peace but no one can really be serious about it when one of the sides is represented by these kinds of insane ideologues.

"Blame the future on the past," - Three images, all have to do with "Right of Return" for Palestinians. A young girl holding a key, an older man holding a key and finally a map of Israel painted in Palestinian colors with the words "We Shall Return" and key prominently displayed on it. The girl is the future, the man is the past and the map is the end result.

Palestinians often justify terrorism by pointing to the fact that they haven't forgotten their homes in British Mandate and Ottoman Palestine that they lost in their "Nakba" (Arabic for Catastrophe)- the 1948 Israeli war of independence. The way they remember these homes is to keep the keys to them and so the key has become the symbol for what they claim is their right to return to those homes. Israelis refuse to bring these people (and their descendants) into Israel proper because due to demographics it would destroy Israel as a Jewish-majority state (which as you can see by the "We Shall Return" image of the map of Israel...

...drenched in Palestinian colors is exactly what they intend to do). This is a fundamental difference between Israelis and Palestinians, a zero-sum objective that will never be accepted by Israel and is a major reason why negotiations have broken down between the sides over the years.

By teaching these irreconcilable demands to their children, Palestinians parents are only serving to ensure that there can never be a final agreement between both sides and that future Palestinian terrorists only need to look to the past for their justification.

"Always lost in blood and guts." - The carnage from the Sbarro pizza restaurant bombing as well as two separate bus bombings. This (along with literally thousands of other suicide bombings, shootings, rocket attacks and other acts of terrorism) is the result of parents brainwashing their children into making unreasonable demands for Israeli national suicide that simply cannot be met.

"And when they're gone," - But then, why not just give them what they want? Why not just get rid of Israel as the next two images suggest and finally "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free" ? This slogan, which is used by New Jersey Solidarity and the International Solidarity Movement (two groups amongst that call themselves "peace activists") by the way, refers to the Jordan river and as you can see from the image...actually refers to destroying all of Israel in its entirety...not just the settlements that they claim are all that they oppose. This slogan, coincidentally was used in 2001 by Faisal Husseini (nephew of father of Palestinian nationalism...and Nazi SS trainer Hajj Amin al Husseini) to describe the Palestinian ideology behind the Oslo "Peace Process". According to him Oslo was:

a Trojan Horse . . . just a temporary procedure . . . just a step towards something bigger." Husseini said that something bigger is "Palestine from the river to the sea," i.e., from the Jordan to the Mediterranean, eradicating Israel. Oslo? Just a way of "ambushing the Israelis and cheating them.

The phrase has also been used by Hamas leaders, Fatah leaders, Palestinian sympathizers as well as "peace activists" at rallies that call for the destruction of Israel.

You want to support them? You think Israel is the source of all your problems? If "they" (Israel) were gone, things would be better for everyone? Well...

"it's me and you." - Tell that to the Times Square bomber. Tell that to Nidal Malik al Hasan. Tell that to the people who blew up the trains in Madrid, the buses and subways in London, the hotels in Indonesia, the Muslims in Paris who rioted over the Danish Muhammad cartoons, who burn American flags and other American symbols (like Ronald McDonald), not to mention the Mumbai terrorists, the terrorists who massacred the children in Beslan (both not pictured here due to time constraints) as well as the sheikhs on Palestinian television and the Muslims at rallies held everyday all over the world threatening the West with Islamic domination, forced-sharia and calling on Allah to destroy democracy...

What do any of these places have to do with the West Bank, Gaza, Freedom Flotillas or ANY OF THE NONSENSE buzz words they try to brainwash you with on a daily basis? None of these countries support Israeli settlements, none of them support the Israeli blockade and some (Russia and Indonesia especially come to mind here) have been OPENLY SUPPORTIVE of Palestinians as well as OPENLY HOSTILE towards Israel! And yet despite their de facto tolerance for these radicals, Russia, Indonesia and the supposedly more "balanced" European nations are STILL targeted along with Israel and America! You think it's bad now with Israel, just wait until they've eradicated the "invaders" from their backyards and can start REALLY focusing on restoring their caliphate to what they believe it should be. Appeasement didn't save Europe before WWII and it will NOT save you now.

"Living on a thin line," - Headline from the Daily Mirror in the aftermath of the London this how we must now live? In fear of terrorism, everywhere? After 9/11, 3/11, the Bali Blast, the London bombings...we, as well as Israel are now ALL living on a thin line. The trouble is that we were ALWAYS on a thin line...we just didn't realize it until it was too late.

More photos follow of Islamic radicals demonstrating all over Europe, warning you all about a "real" Holocaust coming. With Iranian nuclear weapons coming closer to reality as well as their demonstrated ability to reach European cities with their missiles - this may not be as far-fetched as you want it to be. Most ironic in these images is the sign that says "Liberalism go to hell".

Of course who are the biggest supporters of dialogue with these radicals? I don't think I even need to give the absurd answer that question at this point. National suicide is national suicide no matter what kinds of fluffy slogans you surround it with.

"Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?" - Freedom is in peril, defend it with all your might. What did you do today, for freedom? Two slogans, one a contemporary British slogan and one an American WWII slogan. Do not think that the threat to our freedom (no matter where we live) today is any less severe today than it was in the 1930's.

"Living on a thin line," - More "peace activists" calling for the destruction of Israel. Of the thin line that separates us from the radical fundamentalists.

This is followed (finally and for the first and only time in the video) by a pro-Israel demonstrator holding up a sign that says "Free Palestine is code for kill the Jews". Two other important slogans are here as well, one is "Am Yisrael Chai" (in Hebrew) which simply means the "Nation of Israel lives" - positivity in an overwhelmingly negative time. The other is: "Zionism is the answer" - you'll notice if you stop the video that this graffiti,

found in the perpetual flashpoint city of Hebron, originally said something else, most likely "Zionism is Racism" (a reference to the 1975 UN resolution that stated the same thing - it was revoked finally in 1991).

Someone, a Zionist presumably, painted over the "racism" part and replaced it with these words instead. This perfectly encapsulates how we all need to do our part to change the negative connotation of Zionism and bring it back to the positivity that it actually represents. Zionism is nothing more than Jewish self-determination. To say you are against Zionism is to say you believe that Jews must rely on other nations for protection. Which as we've seen over 2,000 years of Jewish history amounts to nothing but destruction. If you are against Zionism, you are FOR the subjugation of the Jewish people. Anyone who says differently is lying or misinformed.

"Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?" - Despite outcries from hypocritical world leaders about "disproportionate force" we must still stand up to terrorism, confront it and fight it at all costs. There is still time, brother.

"Living on a thin line." - Trying to destroy the Jews hasn't worked out well for the various nations that have tried it. Some of them succeed for a time...and all have succeeded in killing 10's of millions of us throughout history - which when extrapolated to how many descendants of theirs would be living today climbs into hundreds of millions of Jews that should be alive today. The only reason the numbers are so skewed towards Muslims, Christians and other religions (all in the billions) is because Jews (only about 14 million strong) have been regularly purged throughout history by various nations and religions and therefore have never been able to expand the way other ethnicities have through natural birthrates.

The amount of violence committed against Jews over the centuries is really staggering when you think just how many Jews would be alive today if just the Holocaust hadn't happened. Six million dead (the majority of which had massive 5-10 person families) in 1945...over two generations could easily turn into 20+ million alive - more than DOUBLING today's demographics. Now think about the fact that 1,100 Jews were killed in just one of hundreds of blood libel attacks during the Crusades 1,000 years ago...extrapolate that over 50 generations and you start to get a sense of just how damaging the 2,000-year persecution of the Jews was before Zionism gave us a Jewish country and military to defend ourselves with.

Think about that the next time sometime tells you that they're "anti-Zionist" not "anti-Jewish".

And this is where the photographs end. The rest of the video is all text based.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed watching the video and reading the explanation. Maybe you learned something new, maybe your opinion changed a little bit, maybe you'll be more open to taking some action and actively supporting our friends in Israel.

Or maybe you think this is all propaganda and nonsense and will just ignore it and move on. If you think this way, I encourage you to voice your criticisms here and am willing to debate you on anything I have brought up here that you think is incorrect. If you have to stones to actually stand up for what you believe in, that is.

If, on the other hand you liked what you saw here and are interested in using this video in any educational capacity, I may work on a Powerpoint presentation of the images (along with the explanation) that I can include with a copy of the video and send to you for usage in a classroom or wherever else you want to use it. Let me know.

Thanks again for watching the video as well as reading the explanation. Long live the thin line that is the state of Israel and may REAL peace someday actually come to the Middle East.


That's what I think...what's YOUR reaction?

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Kinks - Living on a Thin Line: Israel and the world in 2010

Islamic terrorism at levels never seen before, "peace activists" armed with clubs and daggers, the resolve of the West to survive almost non-existent.

We are truly living on a thin line...

I would encourage you to watch it in full-screen mode. I would also encourage you to click on the "Like" button (it's right above the comments section on the video's youtube page). The more people "Like" the video, the higher its rankings will be on youtube.

The Kinks
Living On A Thin Line
Written by: Dave Davies
Published by: Dabe Music, 1984

All the stories have been told
Of kings and days of old,
But there's no England now.
All the wars that were won and lost
Somehow don't seem to matter very much anymore.
All the lies we were told,
All the lies of the people running round,
Their castles have burned.
Now I see change,
But inside we're the same as we ever were.

Living on a thin line,
Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?
Living on a thin line,
Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?
Living on a thin line,
Living this way, each day is a dream.
What am I, what are we supposed to do?
Living on a thin line,
Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?

Now another century nearly gone,
What are we gonna leave for the young?
What we couldn't do, what we wouldn't do,
It's a crime, but does it matter?
Does it matter much, does it matter much to you?
Does it ever really matter?
Yes, it really, really matters.

Living on a thin line,
Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?
Living on a thin line,
Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?

Now another leader says
Break their hearts and break some heads.
Is there nothing we can say or do?
Blame the future on the past,
Always lost in blood and guts.
And when they're gone, it's me and you.

Living on a thin line,
Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?
Living on a thin line,
Tell me now, what are we supposed to do?
Living on a thin line.


That's what I think...what's YOUR reaction?

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Indifference and Major Nidal Malik Hasan: Tolerance breeds intolerance Part II

"This was an individual who does not, obviously, represent the Muslim faith"
--Janet Nepolitano

"And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse."
--General George W. Casey

"Allah-u Akbar!!!!"
--Major Nidal Malik Hasan

"What we've got here is...failure to communicate. Some men you just can't reach. So you get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants it... well, he gets it. I don't like it any more than you men."
--The Captain, Cool Hand Luke

Is there any human action that is more intolerant than murder? Is there any freedom more basic than the right to be alive?

Taking another person's life is the ultimate communication breakdown, the ultimate failure to understand the other side of the debate. It is the final act of a desperate man or woman, either as the ultimate expression of extremism or as a defense against it.

In that regard there could be no one less tolerant or more extreme than Major Nidal Malik Hasan. A soldier that turned his gun on his fellow brothers and sisters in arms. A doctor that destroyed life instead of saving it. A psychiatrist who created mental anguish for his former patients. An American who considered himself a Palestinian first and professed his loyalty to sharia law ahead of Constitutional law. A Muslim extremist who took advantage of the freedom he swore to protect in order to spread his extremism and rob others of their freedom to live. And it was all made possible not by lax gun laws or "disgruntled war veterans" or any of the silly excuses the appeasers (yes Janet Nepolitano I'm talking to you) of the world use to distract us from the following simple fact:

Nidal Malik Hasan is an Islamic extremist who tried (and apparently managed for years) to control his murderous impulses until he finally snapped and killed a bunch of people in the name of his religion.

Ok? Can we say that without being crucified as ignorant or racist? He dressed in Islamic robes on the morning of his attack (planned as a suicide mission), consulted with an imam tied to al Qaeda and yelled the same thing other Islamic suicide attackers (including the 9/11 hijackers) yell as they blow up a bus or school or plane.

All of the pundits on TV over the past couple of weeks have been grinding and grinding and grinding Hasan's background to death. He was a loner. He didn't have a woman (because he couldn't find one Islamic-ly pious enough). He had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He had PRE Traumatic Stress Disorder. Grinding and grinding and grinding. He was depressed. He was sad. He was misunderstood. He was upset about his imminent deployment to Afghanistan or Iraq. And grinding and grinding and ENOUGH ALREADY. Those are all excuses. Here are some more facts:

Hasan's business card had the acronym "SoA" on it.

SoA, if you are unaware, stands for "Soldier of Allah". Hasan gave speeches on American foreign policy and his demand that Muslims be given the right to become conscientious objectors and opt out of military action in Muslim countries. Even more astonishing is new information emerging now that the FBI had the following information LAST WINTER:

[Hasan] sent a message to a radical imam in Yemen saying that he was looking forward to the discussions they would have over alcohol-free wine in the afterlife.

This is the same imam by the way that was visited by 3 of the 9/11 hijackers as well as several other terrorists and attempted terrorists. Some of these attempted massacre-ists that admired al-Alawki included a group of home-grown Canadian al-Qaeda as well as the group of lunatics that tried to attack the army base in Fort Dix, NJ. Please note the common thread between these groups and Hasan - all wannabe disciples of the same guy, all radical Muslim, all citizens or permanent residents of the countries they planned to attack.

The article continues:

[Other emails] included questions about when the imam considered jihad, or holy war, to be appropriate, and whether it justified the killing of innocents.

Oh my...but we're not done yet folks - hold on to your hijabs with this one:

One result is intense interest in the American-born Mr al-Awlaki, who has never been arrested in the US but served time in jail in Yemen in 2006 and is seen by some intelligence agencies as an al-Qaeda recruiter.

Three weeks before Major Hasan bought the guns he used at Fort Hood, Mr al-Awlaki posted on his website an endorsement of attacks by Muslims on “government armies in the Muslim world”. He stated: “Blessed are those who fight against them and blessed are those [martyrs] who are killed by them.” Since the Fort Hood rampage, Mr al-Awlaki has called Major Hasan a hero.

All right. So...this guy was becoming friendly with a possible al-Qaeda recruiter, the same guy that inspired at least TWENTY THREE HOME GROWN TERRORISTS to attempt to murder hundreds if not thousands of their own countrymen...and Casey and Nepolitano's top concern is DIVERSITY. Our leadership shouldn't be making excuses for the rest of the law-abiding Muslim Americans, they can do just fine in speaking up for themselves in this free country of theirs. Why do they need Nepolitano apologizing for them anyway? Does the Homeland Security Chief need to get onto a podium every time a serial killer chops up some drug addicts in Cleveland and remind us that these creeps do not "represent" the Christian faith? Ridiculous!

And excuse me, with all due respect to General Casey, this incident was NOT a tragedy. Tragedies are things like hurricanes or tornadoes. Earthquakes are tragedies. A cancer diagnosis is a tragedy. Tragedies are terrible events beyond our control. This event was absolutely under someone's control. Hasan's rampage wasn't a tragedy - it was a MASSACRE. It was a TRAVESTY. It was a bloodbath. And MOST IMPORTANTLY it could have been prevented if just one of two things happened:

1. If the FBI hadn't dropped the ball by not pursuing the very real possibility that this guy wasn't just "conducting research" and was behaving increasingly erratically.


2. If someone that knew him had spoken up.

You've already read about Nidal Hasan's rantings on Muslims in the military. You already know by now that several doctors and others were very disturbed by his presentation but chose to treat him with "kid gloves" despite the fact that he was a poor psychiatrist with terrible evaluations. You already know by now that Hasan has been reported as saying: "I'm a Muslim first and I hold the Shariah, the Islamic Law, before the United States Constitution." You know all this because it was all in the same article I just linked to from Fox News that is now almost TWO WEEKS OLD. Why then, is he still not being referred to as a terrorist? Because he wasn't a card-carrying member of the jihad? Oh wait nevermind, he was.

Believe it or not, General Casey, Secretary Nepolitano and the rest of the diversity brigade are more interested in not offending Muslims than they are in performing their most basic duty...that being to defend the country from all threats, be they foreign or domestic. Instead of being concerned with how this happened, how it could have been prevented and how to prevent it from happening again they are sacrificing our safety on the altar of Political Correctness.

Their indifference, their apathy towards reality allows people like Hasan to succeed in their acts of passion, their acts of evil. Their tolerance allows the intolerant to succeed.

Because you see, it doesn't end with Hasan. Praise be to Allah, our good friends over have fixed their website and we can now present their original video on the Ft. Hood shooting:

In the video, the speaker (an American) explicitly states his support for the massacre as a legitimate attack on military targets during a declared war, using Holy Qur'anic verses to back his points. He is in effect supporting the enemy of his country during a time of war.

trea⋅son  [tree-zuhn]
1. the offense of acting to overthrow one's government or to harm or kill its sovereign.
2. a violation of allegiance to one's sovereign or to one's state.
3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.

se⋅di⋅tion  [si-dish-uhn]
1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
2. any action, esp. in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.
3. Archaic. rebellious disorder.

It's not just about Nidal Malik Hasan. There are movements right now in the United States, that are literally committing acts of treason/sedition like this one on American soil, using American companies and proudly displaying their work to the rest of the world. Would these people be allowed to speak like this about the countries they support IN the countries they support? Why are we tolerating this? Why do we allow these people to operate at will and poison uninformed minds on the internet?

They are using our own rules against us. And the media is ignoring them. Our politicians are ignoring them. How can we afford to ignore them? How can we afford to continue being indifferent to this evil while it plots against us and our families? Why do we refrain from calling it what it is? Why are we afraid to be honest with ourselves?

I'll tell you why. You see while Nidal Malik Hasan acted to kill those soldiers at Ft. Hood he did not act alone. Political correctness aided him. Indifference abetted him. Tolerance of evil gave him aid and comfort. And we are all accomplices.

In the end...WE as a society killed them. Our collective conscience silently screams in desperate horror for us to blank out this fact but we cannot do it anymore. Our future as a liberal democracy depends on it. Hasan needs to be punished for his act of war but it's time we as a society started taking responsibility for our own actions, or lack thereof.

Because if we don't, the next massacre will be on our conscience too.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tolerance Breeds Intolerance

SOME say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To know that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
--Robert Frost, "Fire and Ice"

Fire and Ice.

Two ways for humanity to come to a tragic end. Generally "Fire" has been interpreted as a massive Armageddon-style war of passion between hotheaded, nationalist countries and "Ice" is the opposite.

While there are many possible explanations of Robert Frost's poem - inevitably they reach the same conclusion - he is referring to two possible ways that life (or civilization) can be extinguished. Growing up in the 1980's our greatest fear was always that the Earth would be incinerated in a massive fiery nuclear exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union. With the end of the Cold War, this fear has subsided somewhat to the point that we reinterpret history today to convince ourselves that it was all just a big misunderstanding between great superpowers with different styles of government...

But there is another way to tragedy, one that doesn't require massive nuclear devastation.

It is ice. The opposite of fire. The opposite of passion.

I am talking of course about the ultimate sin of indifference. The sad sad spectacle of good men and women tolerating the evil actions of others and failing to rise up against them before it is too late.

Recently we observed the two November memorials of Kristallnacht and Veteran's Day. Kristallnacht commemorates the first state-sponsored act of violence of the Holocaust, a national pogrom against the Jews of Germany and Austria. Veteran's Day commemorates the end of World War I...and inevitable march to World War II and the Holocaust. Interestingly, the icy reception of the Versailles treaty by the United States and the failure of the Allies in enforcing it are in large part responsible for the fires of WWII. Had the West not been indifferent towards Hitler's rearming of Germany, a true nightmare may have been averted.

Passion and Indifference. Fire and Ice. And in the end, total destruction.

Over the past few decades as Americans we have been taught in schools and on television that tolerance is the cornerstone of a free and liberal society. In movies and on TV, the young protagonist or team of protagonists (often made up of one representative of every race) are often antagonized by an intolerant, usually older Caucasian individual, that sees the world as black and white as opposed to the glorious rainbow we have been taught it actually is. In the end we learn that all we need to do is get to know each others' cultures and we will see that humans are humans and we have much more in common than we have differences. If we are simply more TOLERANT of each other, we can all finally get along.

A beautiful message to say the least - and that's fine and well and good for TV and movies and ideals, but reality is a little different.

Because there is another side to tolerance. A darker side.

The issue with tolerance is that it often causes us to be indifferent to genuinely evil acts. Can there be any doubt that there were many good Germans in the 1930's that saw the Nuremberg Laws and simply TOLERATED them because going about their lives was more important than some Jews they didn't really care much about anyway? Could the Holocaust not have been averted if the entire Western world didn't sit idly by and TOLERATE Hitler's rise to power?

When hundreds of thousands of Tutsis were being brutally murdered, raped and pillaged in Rwanda - could this have happened without the de facto TOLERANCE of the Western democracies?

When the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia sacrificed 1.5 million of their own people to an insane ideology - could this have happened without the TOLERANCE of the Americans, Europeans and every other civilized nation that had the ability to stop it? In the end, it took an invasion by Vietnam...COMMUNIST Vietnam mind put an end to the Killing Fields.

When Somalia collapsed into chaos and anarchy. When the Ayatollah Khomeini seized control of Iran. When the Congo plunged into civil war. When pogroms and purges raged all over Russia. When the Congo plunged into a second civil war. When the Taliban imposed sharia on Afghanistan. EVERY SINGLE DAY that the Darfur genocide continues.

All of which is made possible by our indifference. By our tolerance of evil.

"It's just their way" - "It's just their culture" - "Who are we to tell them how to live their lives"

How many times have we heard these phrases? How many times have we been told that it is not our place to get involved. That it is not our place to JUDGE other cultures no matter how brutal or repressive or anti-woman or anti-Jewish or anti-democracy or anti-gay they may be? And ironically, how often do we hear these phrases from women or Jews or gays or Democrats?

But it is specifically the fact that we allow these evil people to spew their ignorance and take steps towards achieving the backwards, anti-liberal, anti-tolerant societies that allows them to succeed! By TOLERATING these actions and giving these EXTREMELY INTOLERANT people carte blanche to operate we are fostering the greatest intolerance there can be.

It is the indifference of the decent majority that allows the passion of the indecent minority to catch fire and create the very destruction the majority claims to oppose.

Indifference creates passion. Tolerance breeds intolerance. Ice causes fire. All seemingly opposite - yet...indisputably connected and intertwined. And, perhaps ironically, they are consumed by that which they created.

Hitler would have been much easier to stop in 1933 than he was in 1939. Pol Pot would never have been able to massacre his own people if the world (or even just a few democratic nations) had united against him. The Rwandan genocide could have been extinguished had it not been tolerated by the outside world. Al Qaeda would never have been able to fly planes into the World Trade Center and kill thousands of innocent Americans had we not TOLERATED the Taliban overrunning Afghanistan and destroying thousands of years of culture in a hail of artillery fire. All in the name of insanity.

And furthermore if the citizenry of these countries themselves had risen up against these insane ideologies in their infancy - they could have been easily squashed. Instead they were tolerated and were allowed to grow until the decent people were overwhelmed by the lunatics. Once that happens the burden then falls to the free people of the world to unite and liberate them.

But tell a supposed liberal that you advocate taking action against this evil and you are immediately labeled intolerant, backwards, ignorant, war-monger, perhaps even racist.

Likewise if you speak out against an ideology that spews intolerance towards women, Jews, gays, democracy, Christians and literally every liberal ideal/achievement of the past too will be labeled as intolerant. Somehow...we are somehow supposed to understand why Islamist ideology shows rampant discrimination and intolerance against several groups (which we often belong to) and dare not criticize it.

We are expected to protect their right to practice this rigid tolerate their right to be intolerant, as they use our own rules against us to fill the internet, our streets and our college campuses with decidedly UNLIBERAL views, poisoning the minds of impressionable youths and leading to a scenario where they can eventually impose their beliefs on us whether we want them or not. Like the Nazis or the Khmer Rouge, the indifference of the decent majority is what allows the indecent minority to succeed.

Explain to me please, someone - how it can be that we TOLERATE movements like this one to operate on our soil:

NOTE: This article originally referenced a video clip from this group defending the actions of Major Nidal Malik Hasan as legitimate acts of war. That video has been apparently taken down in the past 24 hours.

Did you get all of that? Right now, there is a group operating in New York City that is literally denouncing the United States and its liberal ideals and verbally abusing and harassing Christians and moderate Muslim teenagers on the street. In another video the speaker implores a group of Muslims to "reject" the American military, wishes success insh'Allah on the Taliban and preaches an end to democracy.

And what's more they post videos of themselves on the internet and gloat about doing it! This is borderline treason and we are expected to TOLERATE it or be considered ignorant, uncultured or racist.

But if these people win - would they protect our rights to denounce them?

Would they allow us to voice our opinions and criticize their actions?

Or would they use your naive tolerance to smack you in the face (as the speaker encouraged the young boy to do to the Christian missionary in the video) the first chance they had the ability to overpower you? If only the people at the parade banded together to evict these extremists from their midst and get them off the street. But they didn't.

They tolerated them and allowed themselves to be abused. And so are the rest of us, every day...tolerating this abuse. It is this tolerance...this indifference of the decent many, towards the actions of an indecent few, that will allow them to rise up and destroy us.

If we don't take action now
We settle for nothing later
Settle for nothing now
And we'll settle for nothing later
--Rage Against the Machine, "Settle for Nothing"

We need to say no to these people. We need to draw the line of tolerance in the sand. Anyone is allowed to believe whatever they want - so long as they do not infringe on MY right to believe what I want. Or YOUR right to believe what you want. As soon as they cross that line...they give up their right to be tolerated.

Action always defeats inaction. Passion always defeats apathy. Fire always defeats ice...

If we don't get our act together soon we don't stand a chance.

Indifference towards Nidal Malik Hasan was the real culprit in the Ft. Hood shootings. Part II details how.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A hero's welcome! Hooray for Megrahi! Hooray for Libya!

Some people just will not get it. They either ignore current events and history or just are incapable of understanding their significance.

If you hadn't already heard, the Pam Am bomber was just released because he has terminal prostate cancer. Apparently, this was done out of compassion, to give this convicted murderer of 270 people the opportunity to die, peacefully in his homeland. And so, the cultured and enlightened nation of Scotland, in a show of goodwill and understanding to the people of Libya and the greater Islamic world, decreed that Mr. Megrahi be allowed to go free as his time on this world was nearing to an end.

So there he went, flying off into the sunset...with Moammar Gadhafi's son, Saif al-Islam Gadhafi along for the ride. Amongst statements from Scottish Secretary of Justice MacAskill, justifying the release...

No compassion was shown by him to them. But that alone is not a reason for us to deny compassion to him. Mr. al-Megrahi now faces a sentence imposed by a higher power.

...and warnings from Western leaders not to make a big show of his return...

"I think it's very important that Libya knows, and certainly we have told them, that how the Libyan government handles itself in the next few days after the arrival of Mr. Megrahi will be very significant in the way the world views Libya's re-entry into the civilized community of nations,"

...the question would the Libyans receive a released mass murderer? Would they protest his crime? Would they even let him off the plane? Would they throw rotten fruits and vegetables at him?

Hey look, it's a party! Let's do some Jäger bombs! Oh wait wrong occasion, uhhh not bombs, bombs are about beer pong instead! All right!

Wooo confetti! Welcome home sport! We missed you! We love you!

And what about everybody's new bestest friend, Gadhafi? What did he have to say about the return of one of the worst murderers in history?

Great to have you back dude! Don't forget we gotta chill at the palace after-party dawg. It's gonna be off da hook ya'heard!

Actually Gadhafi didn't say that, but he did thank his "good friend" Prime Minister Gordon Brown for sending a mass-murderer back home. Gadhafi's son Seif was more direct in his statement that Megrahi's "liberation is a victory that we offer to all Libyans". Keep in mind by the way that Megrahi was not released on any appeal of his conviction. He was released on grounds of compassion. The Scottish government was essentially saying: "We still think he killed those people but we're going to let him go anyway because we feel bad for him".

And bingo, hero's welcome. Flags, flower petals and embraces with the leader of the country.

But wait a minute. Didn't everyone tell the Libyans to behave? After all...

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown had specifically asked Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi not to give al Megrahi a celebratory welcome, Brown's office at 10 Downing Street said.

Brown wrote a letter to Gadhafi, delivered to the Libyan Foreign Ministry on Thursday, asking the Libyans to act with sensitivity with regard to al Megrahi's return.

Hello? Moammar? You there? Your "good friend" TOLD you not to do this! Why, it's almost don't CARE what your new English-speaking friends think of you. Like you don't care what anyone thinks as long as you get what you want. That's not very nice Moammar. You've made Mr. Brown and Mr. Obama very very very upset. I mean, they SPECIFICALLY ASKED you not to do this. You can absolutely FORGET about being invited to the White House to play on Barack's new slim Playstation 3 now. Just forget it!

I mean, what a shocking turn of events. A convicted mass-murderer receives a hero's welcome in his Middle Eastern country while the truly enlightened Western leaders are humiliated.

Except that it's not shocking at all. This is what happens. How many times do we need to see these cheering, taunting crowds who mock and ridicule the naive idiots that release killers back into society? How many times do we have to act "shocked" and "disgusted" that these absolutely sick societies embrace murderers and terrorists as their ultimate heroes? How many times is it going to take before we wake up and realize that it's not just propaganda, it's not just the government news stations. It's the people themselves who live in these countries that support terrorism. No, not all Libyans are terrorists. Not all Palestinians are terrorists. Not all Iranians want to obliterate Israel. But so many of them support terrorism and nuclear annihilation that it is impossible to ignore.

And of course our "leaders" react with shock and outrage as If they could never fathom that a Middle Eastern dictatorship could ignore their demands.

Obama described the scenes at Tripoli airport as "highly objectionable", and the White House warned the Libyan government that it risked a rift between the two countries if there is any repetition of the hero's welcome for Megrahi. Gibbs said the US would be watching what happens next. It wants Megrahi held under house arrest. Part of the US anger is because Libya snubbed a plea by Obama not to award him a hero's welcome.

Wow I can't WAIT to see "what happens next". What will the consequence for this "snub" be exactly? Sanctions? Or much more likely just a bunch of huffing and puffing and then...back to begging the Islamic world for forgiveness for supporting Israel.

This isn't the first time these terrorist-worship-fests have happened either.

It happened when Samir Kuntar, murderer of five people including a 4 year old received a hero's welcome in Lebanon

It happened when Yasir Arafat was applauded at the United Nations, despite being responsible for thousands of dead Israelis and Palestinians

And it even happens when the perpetrators are not in attendance, as during the recent Fatah "conference" where notorious murderers Dalal Mughrabi and Khaled Abu-Usbah were honored as heroes and martyrs

How can we ignore these images? How can we refuse to learn from these events? How our leaders be so naive, so blind, so pathetic as to continue making these deals, knowing they will be continuously humiliated?

These people are not our friends. These societies do not respect compassion and understanding. They respect strength, power and resolve. Come on Gordon and think they care about your "victims sensitivities" or your "civilized community of nations" ? You naive, ignorant fools. They are laughing at you today! They are thanking you for your complete ignorance! They delight in making blockheads out of you. They see you as buffoons, as clowns, as pathetic excuses for leaders. As idiots, as suckers to be taken advantage of. And for once, I can agree with the terrorists and their supporters. Because you see, in the final insult, as if a hero welcome for a murderer wasn't bad enough - present at the celebrations were SCOTTISH FLAGS.

That's right, before the plane doors opened and the confetti and green flags of Islam started flying, the crowd, in an ultimate display of mockery...actually waved the emblem of the very nation that this attack took place in.

"Specifically asked" to behave indeed.

When will people start to get it?

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