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Monday, April 26, 2010

Wear white for Gilad Shalit 4/27/2010

Tomorrow in Israel is official "wear white for Gilad Shalit" day.

For those of you unaware of who Gilad Shalit is, he is an Israeli soldier who was kidnapped from Israeli soil by Hamas terrorists FOUR years ago. To this day he is still in captivity where he has been subjected to starvation, torture and God knows what else. Hamas refuses to let him go home unless Israel releases approximately 1,000 of their terrorists, many with innocent blood on their hands and who have vowed to kill again, in exchange for him. Hamas will not let the Red Cross examine him and generally refuses to give any information on him to his parents Noam and Aviva Shalit.

The capture of Gilad is hailed as a tremendous victory in Gaza, where murals depict him in jail as if kidnapping a human being were something to be proud of.

The following video was released by Hamas about 6 months ago to prove that he was still alive at the time. In order for the video to be released Israel was forced to hand over 20 of its prisoners. FOR A VIDEO.

Not much to editorialize there...the man's pained voice and face speaks for itself. Note the difference between the picture of Gilad before his abduction to the man in the video.

The Gilad Shalit saga has been a very painful one for Israel and Israelis. His parents have become semi-celebrities after all their appearances on Israeli television begging for the government to do something to get their son released. Demonstrations calling for his release happen often. This past Passover in Israel and around the world, Jews left an empty chair at their holiday feasts as a quiet reminder that Gilad had yet another Passover in hell.

And still the time goes by...and still Gilad Shalit waits. And waits. And suffers. And waits.

Hamas, not content with simply shooting rockets into Israel, starving and killing their own people and sitting on this prisoner for FOUR YEARS recently put out this video, essentially mocking the captive's father by throwing it in his face that he'll most likely never see his son alive again.

The video is clearly designed to get an emotional reaction out of him and other Israelis in order to get them to pressure the government into caving into appeasing Hamas. Ironically in the video, even though Noam is still wandering the streets of Israel for 30, 40 years or so waiting for his son, the signs and advertisments are still in Hebrew, the newspapers are the same as today, the prime ministers are still Israelis - the country is clearly still ruled by Jews! Even the Erez crossing into Gaza is still intact and maintained by Israeli soldiers.

I think that it's EXTREMELY telling that even in this Hamas fantasy they're STILL not ruling over Israel (which is their stated purpose for existing). It really speaks to the fact that deep down they know they're never actually going to win, nor do they particularly want to...but I digress...

Noam Shalit, in response to this video has this to say:
Hamas leaders would do better if instead of producing films and performances, they would worry about the real interests of the Palestinian prisoners and the ordinary citizens of Gaza who have been held hostage by their leaders for a long time.
Right on Noam.

So wherever you are tomorrow, I urge you all to wear white in solidarity with Gilad and his family - and if anyone asks you why you're dressed in white make sure you tell them...

...that it's for Gilad. And his family.


That's what I think...what's YOUR reaction?

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

We will remember you all | Yom HaZikaron

Every year in Israel, on the day before their Independence Day an air raid siren sounds across the country. This day is known in Hebrew as "Yom HaZikaron" - Memorial Day. Unfortunately for Israelis, this is not a day for BBQ's and beaches.

Everyone, no matter where they are or what they're doing, stops. Traffic comes to a standstill and people often get out of their cars to observe a nationwide moment of silence in memory of all the young men and women who have died in the line of duty, defending the Jewish nation from those that threaten to destroy it.

Also remembered in the next 24 hours are the innocent men women and children who have been shot, stabbed, blown up and beaten to death by terrorists...their only crime being that they were Jewish residents (or Israeli citizens of a different religion) of a small patch of desert that lies between the Jordan river and Mediterranean sea.

As of publication, the number of soldiers killed in the line of duty stands at 22,684.

The number of civilians killed during terror attacks stands at 3,270 (including about 700 American victims), with an additional 14,002 injured.

Sadly these numbers continue to go up year over year. But while our brothers and sisters are gone - they are never forgotten. This day is just a reminder to keep them in our hearts...

על הנגב יורד ליל הסתיו
ומצית כוכבים חרש חרש
עת הרוח עובר על הסף
עננים מהלכים על הדרך.

The autumn evening descends on the Negev (desert)
And it lights up the stars in silence
The wind blows upon the doorway
As clouds move along the way

כבר שנה לא הרגשנו כמעט
איך עברו הזמנים בשדותינו
כבר שנה ונותרנו מעט
מה רבים שאינם כבר בינינו.

It's been a year but we almost haven't felt it...
How the times passed in our fields
It's been a year and few of us remain...
There are many that are no longer among us

אך נזכור את כולם
את יפי הבלורית והתואר
כי רעות שכזאת לעולם
לא תיתן את ליבנו לשכוח
אהבה מקודשת בדם
את תשובי בינינו לפרוח.

But we'll remember them all
The beauty of their hair and appearance
Because this kind of friendship is forever
Our hearts won't allow us to forget
This love that is bound by blood...
You'll return to be between us and blossom

הרעות נשאנוך בלי מילים
אפורה עקשנית ושותקת
מלילות האימה הגדולים
את נותרת בהירה ודולקת.

Oh this friendship was carried without words
It was grey, persistent and silent
Through the terrible nights
You remained bright and lit

הרעות כנערייך כולם
שוב בשמך נחייך ונלכה
כי רעים שנפלו על חרבם
את חייך הותירו לזכר.

This friendship is like all your youths
Again in your name we'll smile and go
Because friends who fell on their swords
Your life was left to their memory

אך נזכור את כולם
את יפי הבלורית והתואר
כי רעות שכזאת לעולם
לא תיתן את ליבנו לשכוח
אהבה מקודשת בדם
את תשובי בינינו לפרוח.

But we'll remember them all
The beauty of their hair and appearance
Because this kind of friendship is forever
Our hearts won't allow us to forget
This love that is bound by blood...
You'll return to be between us and blossom

אך נזכור את כולם
את יפי הבלורית והתואר
כי רעות שכזאת לעולם
לא תיתן את ליבנו לשכוח
אהבה מקודשת בדם
את תשובי בינינו לפרוח.

But we'll remember them all
The beauty of their hair and appearance
Because this kind of friendship is forever
Our hearts won't allow us to forget
This love that is bound by blood...
You'll return to be between us and blossom

Finally, in addition to our brothers and sisters who the time of publication, the number of Israelis currently missing in action stands at 1.

Let's not forget about Gilad Shalit...still trapped in some Hamas hell-hole...still being tortured and abused everyday.

Who would like nothing more than to be free to participate in a memorial service instead of worrying that he'll be a statistic at the next one. Who would like nothing more than an end to this warfare and bloodshed and hatred. Who would like nothing more than to just be normal.

But then...don't we all?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gilad Shalit Day

Gilad Shalit.

Born, August 28th, 1986.

Sitting in captivity in some Gaza hell hole since June 25th, 2006. Meantime, this peice of work goes home to a hero's reception.

I hope we didn't miss our chance to get him back in time for his 23rd birthday.

Speaking of which, what were you doing on your 23rd birthday? Or your 22nd? Or your 21st? Well I don't want to talk about my 21st and you probably don't either because like me you probably can't remember too much of it. Lots of fun these early-20's birthdays. Before you realize you're closer to 30 than 20. Or more than halfway to 50. Yikes.

It's a scary time in your life to be 23, you know?

If you're an American (or even an Israeli) in all likelihood you're either recently done with college or about to be done.

Scary, really.

It's time to start thinking about your future, your career. What you want out of life. Maybe you've been in a relationship for a couple of years and now it's time to start talking about whether or not your plans are in line. After all, if you're all about Medical School and she's all about looking to start a family (or vice versa) - it may be time to go your separate ways. At 21 or 22 it may not have been a big deal, but by 23...well it's getting to be decision time my friends. Lots of big decisions to be made at 23.

Big, scary decisions.

But none of that really matters if every day you wake up in the basement of some nearly-collapsing house surrounded by people who want to nothing more than to see you suffer in the name of their insanity.

Nope, no scary decisions necessary here. If they give you food today, you eat it. If they give you water today you drink it. If they beat you today you nurse your wounds. If they don't, you wonder what they're planning tomorrow.

Everyday you wish it were over. But everyday it continues, same as the day before. Same as it ever was. How many days has it even been anyway? Is it your birthday today? If it was your birthday today, how old would you be? Does it matter? What should you do today in between dealing with your captors? Should you count how many bricks are in the wall again? Should you try to sleep? Will they let you sleep? Do you even remember what normal sleep feels like?

No, not much to decide here. Not much sense in obsessing over the future when you're Gilad Shalit...and it's been more than three years since you had to make a scary decision. No worries about the future or what to do with your life or if you should go out with that girl from last night again...when your entire life consists of just getting to the next hour without having your arm broken or face punched or your body violated. No scary decisions about the future, when the future is just your next breath. Or the next burst of pain. Or the next time you'll be able to chew your food.

Man it sure ain't easy being 23.

For some though, it's easier than others.

Today on Twitter, in honor of his upcoming birthday there was a concerted effort to make #giladshalit a top trending topic.

Despite the demise of Ted Kennedy dominating the headlines, this effort was a success, indicating just how much support there is for this 23-year-old. Hopefully enough people on Twitter clicked on this topic, learned about this travesty of justice and will try to do something about it.

I'll close with a small selection of what people were saying about Gilad today on Twitter.

375 more results since you started searching. Refresh to see them

ashleyscorpio @JIDF I am praying too! In the words of Rabbi Chaim "Let's bombard heaven with prayers!" #GiladShalit less than 20 seconds ago from web

Dogmum21 @JIDF RT @ashleyscorpio: Wish there as more I could do for Gilad than just tweet about his plight. #GiladShalit // PRAY! #GiladShalit

Esty_Gluck RT @superimma #GiladShalit has been in captivity for over 1100 days and is allowed no contact with .. #GiladShalit

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scarpetablog thinking about #GiladShalit half a minute ago from TweetDeck

JoesaidTweeter FREE #GiladShalit NOW! Free #giladshalit NOW! #tweetforshalit #gilad #shalit #tweet4shalit half a minute ago from web

JewishAgency First, I want to again says thanks to all the awesome tweeple who shouted out our #GiladShalit petition: #FSUBlog less than a minute ago from HootSuite

RoytelM #in10years Criss Angel and Drake will go on Top Chef sponsored by AT&T; cooking Snow Leopard for Candace Parker. Goodnight #GiladShalit Jay-z less than a minute ago from web

GiladRS RT @GiladRS #Giladshalit #Giladshalit #Giladshalit #Giladshalit #Giladshalit #Giladshalit #Giladshalit #Giladshalit #Giladshalit 1 minute ago from TweetDeck

bethanyshondark The Hebrew nation and all the world have #GiladShalit in our hearts and minds. May he find freedom well before his next birthday.

JBCarver Who is #GiladShalit you wonder & why is he a trending topic? Read about him here #FreeGilad #prisoner 1 minute ago from Seesmic Desktop

watchful1 Vancouver, Canada it's 9:04pm let's trend #GiladShalit to #1! 2 minutes ago from TwitterFon

benny428 @JIDF ROCK ON MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOUR SHOW!!!! BOOYAKASHA #GiladShalit!!!!! 2 minutes ago from HootSuite

txrepublican Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem Ps 122:6 Pray for #GiladShalit #Tweet4Shalit #iamthemob #TCOT #RS #Israel 2 minutes ago from twhirl

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jacquelinewl FREE #GIladShalit #GIladShalit #GIladShalit #GIladShalit #GIladShalit #GIladShalit #GIladShalit Bring Him Home to His Family 1 minute ago from web

JewishGayDads Hundreds gather at Western Wall to mark Gilad Shalit's 23rd birthday, his fourth one in captivity. #GiladShalit 1 minute ago from API

Justice_For_All RT @prosam 20 Quick Tips For Aspiring Freelancers // #GiladShalit 3 minutes ago from web

JoesaidTweeter FREE #GiladShalit NOW! Free #giladshalit NOW! #tweetforshalit #gilad #shalit #tweet4shalit 3 minutes ago from web

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pinkylsb @jidf Can we keep campaign 4 #GiladShalit going beyond 2day? #prayer #america #israel #jewish #mia #pow #idf #soldier #peace 1 minute ago from mobile web

benny428 #GiladShalit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YO MAN!!!!! KEEP HANGIN!!! WE LUV YOU!!!!!!!!!! 1 minute ago from HootSuite

arashad Free the terrorist #GiladShalit from his crimes, execute him after a fair trial along side his superiors .. please half a minute ago from web

(Editor's note: wow what a jerk ^^)

GleaningHarvest RT: @JIDF: Plz RT! Support #GiladShalit today using the #GiladShalit hashtag all day! Help raise awareness! #Tweet4Shalit half a minute ago from TwitterFox

Katelyn_Thee is listening to David's radiocast thing .... still tweeting4shalit #GiladShalit half a minute ago from web

LeniPenny @JewishAgency Just signed the petition G_d Bless all you are doing and everyone taking a stand for this young man. #GiladShalit #FSUBlog less than a minute ago from TweetDeck

moliwo #GiladShalit is in need of freedom. One that he deserves. less than a minute ago from txt

Ain't that the truth.

Here's hoping that by birthday number 24 he's back to making "scary decisions" like the rest of us.

Good luck Gilad - stay strong, bro.

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