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Saturday, August 15, 2009

A taste of what's to come...

Radical Muslim cleric among 21 killed in Gaza clashes

GAZA CITY, Gaza (CNN) -- A radical Muslim sheikh's call for the creation of an Islamic emirate in Gaza sparked clashes with Hamas forces that left 21 people dead and injured at least 121 others.

Hamas forces blew up the home of Sheikh Abu al-Nour al-Maqdessi, leader of the radical group Jund Ansar Allah, or Soldiers of the Partisans of God, Hamas sources said.

"Give us a homeland! End the evil Israeli occupation! The IDF is worse than the SS!"

The group posted a statement on the Web site announcing the establishment of the Islamic emirate in Gaza and proclaiming al-Maqdessi "the commander of the faithful."

"We only want peace! We only want to live normal lives like the rest of you!"

The statement declared that armed forces in Gaza should unite under him. It urged Muslims everywhere to support the "young emirate" by providing money, weapons and men because "this is the hope of the Muslim nation in raising the banner of monotheism in Palestine and to liberate all the lands and purify Al-Aqsa mosque from the filth of the damned Jews."

"Zionism is racism! Israel is bad! Give us our own country and end the apartheid!"

The group accused Hamas of not being Islamic enough, saying they care more about pleasing "tyrants" than "obeying God."

"Tear down the wall! Grant us right of return to our ancient villages that we just remembered were built where Tel Aviv is today! We promise we'll be good and treat you with respect!"

This is what's ahead for Israel and "Palestine" if we give into the world's demands. You see it's not just about violence against Jews (although it's mostly about that) - it's violence against each other. Fatah fights Hamas which fights itself which fights Fatah which also fights itself and they all fight the Jews. The Arab and Persian world watches as their Palestinian puppets keep Israel occupied while destroying themselves. Europe, the UN and the Americans cry crocodile tears and dump billions of dollars of aid money into "helping" these poor people blow themselves up, destroy mosques and generally do all the things (and much worse) they condemn Israel for doing.

And all across the world, college students, peace activists, professors and people who call themselves liberals line up to protest in support of this insanity.

You want Palestinian statehood? You think you're going to have a pluralistic society where children grow up happy and kicking soccer balls around and eating giant shawarmas and falafels?

You are wrong. You're either misguided because you've bought into the other side's propaganda or you ARE the other side.

This is what happens, this is the end result. So when you say you want an "independent Palestine" - inevitably what you are really saying is...

You want beheadings for selling land to Jews.

You want summary executions of innocent men women and children.

You want torture in the name of politics.

You want reduced rights for women, honor killings and sharia law.

You want an Islamic caliphate.

You want chaos, upheaval, death, destruction and violence...not for Jews but for PALESTINIANS. It's important to remember that in the one Palestinian-controlled place that is cleared of settlers there is regularly Palestinian-on-Palestinian violence...MUCH more so than in the West Bank or Israel proper. It's not just about the rights of Jews and a Jewish civil society, it's about the rights of the Palestinians and a civil society for all. These kinds of things just don't happen in Israel or the West Bank. But they do happen, with regularity in the Gaza strip.

This is the future guys, this is what's coming, take a good look at it, and love it because you've created it.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's the settlements, stupid!

  /ˈsɛtlmənt/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [set-l-muhnt] Show IPA
1. the act or state of settling or the state of being settled.
2. an arrangement or adjustment, as of business affairs or a disagreement.
3. an agreement signed after labor negotiations between union and management.
4. the settling of persons in a new country or place.
5. a colony, esp. in its early stages.
6. a small community, village, or group of houses in a thinly populated area.

Netanyahu and Obama!

No-holds-barred, no disqualifications, in a STEEL cage ONLY on PAY-PER-VIEW!!!!

Or at least that's how it seemed like last week's meeting between the two leaders was billed in the media. It was the "fateful encounter of two world leaders since Kennedy met Khrushchev" according to noted Israel-basher Professor Juan Cole (Guess who is Khrushchev in this analogy).

Jerusalem Post columnist David Horovitz, noted in his analysis of the meeting that:

Don King himself would have been hard-pressed to outdo the pugilistic hype...ahead of Monday's first White House meeting between Barack Obama and Binyamin Netanyahu. Viewers and readers would have been forgiven for anticipating anything up to and including fisticuffs in the Oval Office...

Even our insane conspiracy theorist friends from last month got into the fun. So after a week that saw our friend the president declare his undying love for the Jewish people, who did Obama pin the blame on for the continuing never-ending violence in the Middle East? Was it:

a) The Muslims

b) The Jews

c) Hamas


d) Sally Struthers

From the aforementioned David Horovitz article:

Undaunted by past failures, Obama is reportedly setting up a hugely ambitious sequence - Israel freezes settlement building, the Arab world begins normalizing relations with Israel, and Israel and the Palestinians then enter substantive talks.

Number 1 on the agenda? Why those evil, dirty, sneaky Jew settlers of course!

Not to be outdone, Hilary Clinton (another recipient of undying affection from "liberal" Jews) echoed her former hated rival's instructions for Netanyahu:

"We want to see a stop to settlement construction, additions, natural growth - any kind of settlement activity"

Right. Of course. Stop the settlements and everything starts to work out! No settlers in the West Bank = peace. So sayeth the administration of hope and change.

Oh and another thing Benjy my man...about that city you thought was your know where two Jewish Temples stood almost a thousand years before Muhammad was even born...yeah that know, Jerusalem:

"Jerusalem is a final status issue. Israel and the Palestinians have agreed to resolve its status during negotiations. We will support their efforts to reach agreements on all final status issues," a State Department spokesman said when asked to respond to Netanyahu's proclamation that Jerusalem would always remain under Israeli sovereignty.

But then, it's not like anything readers of this blog haven't known since December of 2007. Obama blames the Jews.

Or is it just the settlers? This goes back to the anti-Zionist/anti-Jewish debate that was the very basis for this blog's formation. Can you be pro-Israel and anti-settler? Well, in theory you can be but first we need to establish that the settlers cause Israel more harm than they do good. The most common example of this is that, like Obama (and Hillary) says...remove the settlements and you remove the barrier to peace. Less settlements = less war (and therefore less dead Israelis). More settlements = more war (and therefore more dead Israelis).

Well let's look at some history.

Before 1967 there were no settlers at all. The Jewish population of Gaza, Judea and Samaria was zero between 1948 and 1967. Israel fought three wars with its Arab neighbors. And before that, Jews had been hunted across the world for millennia. There were Holocausts and Crusades and pogroms and Inquisitions and riots.

Then the evil settlers came.

Israel has not fought a war against its neighbor states since 1973. The Jewish state has not been faced with a true existential war since that time. IDF military operations have consisted mostly of defensive incursions and riot control instead of full-scale military operations against states. Israel has seen a dramatic increase in American Jewish immigration as well as immigration from other Western countries. Oh and those evil settlers? They (along with other Orthodox Israelis) are the ones primarily responsible for staving off the "demographic time bomb" that was supposed to end Israeli democracy or end Israel within a few generations.

Now let's look at historical examples of post-settlement reality.

Well, Israel evacuated the Sinai settlement of Yamit after the 1978 Camp David Accords and returned the land to Egypt. Technically, the two states are now at peace so that's nice. Still no Palestinian state though.

The other case is Gaza. Before there were any Jewish settlers in the Gaza strip Palestinian fedayeen forces regularly used the territory to conduct attacks on sovereign Israeli soil. After 1967 (and subsequent settlement establishment in Gaza) these attacks became a thing of the past. I don't think I need to remind you what happened after the Gaza settler evacuation in 2005. In case you don't feel like reliving the past few years - here's a chart showing the documented cases of rocket attacks emanating from the Gaza Strip:

You see those gigantic spikes from 2006 and on? What do you think they coincide with? Ariel Sharon visiting the Temple Mount? New Gaza settlement construction? Another Muhammad cartoon hitting the press?

Well, in August/2005 Israel committed the awful crime against humanity of daring to give the Palestinians what they wanted...

The Gaza settlements along with several West Bank settlements were evacuated.

Families were ripped out of their homes in a show of good faith to the Palestinians despite their continuing terror campaign against Israeli women and children.

And so what happened the following year?

A 30% INCREASE in rocket attacks over the previous FIVE YEARS COMBINED. If (as Obama says) the obstacle to peace is the settler movement...but then the settlers are removed in tear-jerking, heart-wrenching fashion and the result is not only war but exponentially MORE war then before...

Well then the settlers are NOT the problem.


The Oslo settlement. (1993)

The Wye River settlement. (1998)

The Camp David settlement. (2000)

The Taba settlement. (2001)

The "Road Map" settlement. (2003)

And finally the "End of the Gaza settlers" settlement. (2005)

Every time without fail the blame falls on the settlers. The blame falls on Israel. The blame falls on the Jews. And we offer more concessions to placate the Obamas of the world because that's what we do.

But what has it brought us exactly? Nothing but rockets, according to peace-process-believing, former Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

Tired of being asked for concessions, Peres told his guests that the side making concessions was Israel, which was not getting anything in return from the Palestinians other than the rockets and mortar shells being fired from Gaza.

It's not the settlers. It's the concessions. It's the retreats. It's the surrenders. It's the settlements.

At the same time, the most popular leader in the Arab world is ruthless dictator Bashar-al-Asad. In third place is notorious terrorist Hassan Nasrallah. Two men who are essentially glorified mass-murderers of both Arabs and Jews. Oh and our friends the Egyptians who received their permanent settlement back in 1978? Well they're stripping the citizenships of any Egyptians who dare to marry an Israeli citizen. Even ARAB Israeli citizens. How enlightened. How peace-loving.

To say nothing of the Hamas "leadership" that just can't get through a week without killing their Palestinian brothers or the supposedly "more moderate" Fatah "leadership" that is still naming computer centers and schools after a person who murdered 37 civilians (including 12 children). Because of settlers?

No my friends, it's because of SETTLEMENTS. Not settlers.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Death sentences for juveniles, real estate brokers and pigs: just another week in the Middle East

Shifting gears after the emotions of Israel Independence week and a sanity-draining trip down the rabbit hole, it's time to get back to business with some news items from around the Middle East.

Yesterday, Iran executed a woman named Delara Darabi for a murder that she allegedly committed when she was 17. From the article:

Amnesty International said it was "outraged" at the execution, drawing particular attention to the fact that her lawyer was not informed about it, despite the legal requirement that he should receive 48 hours' notice.

"This appears to have been a cynical move on the part of the authorities to avoid domestic and international protests which might have saved Delara Darabi's life," said Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui, Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa Program. Darabi was executed despite her having been given a two-month stay of execution by the Head of the Judiciary on April. 19, which Sahraoui said indicates "that even decisions by the Head of the Judiciary carry no weight and are disregarded in the provinces."

Darabi was convicted of murdering a relative in 2003 when she was 17. She initially confessed to the murder, believing she could save her boyfriend from the gallows, but later retracted her confession. She was being detained at Rasht Prison in northern Iran since her arrest in 2003.

RIP Delara Darabi 1986-2009

So...the "authorities" told her on April 19th that she was off the hook for at least two months and on May 1st she was swinging from the noose with NO WARNING and NO OPPORTUNITY for her lawyer to do anything. What a lovely system of "justice" they have in the Islamic "Republic" of Iran. This is nothing new though as Iran executes juvenile offenders like Americans eat donuts...

What caught my attention was the fact that Amnesty International is "outraged" by this act, as if this kind of barbaric behavior is something new in the Middle East. Maybe if they stopped wasting all their time being obsessed with condemning Israel for acts of self defense they would have time to pay attention to what's actually going on in the world around them.

Blatantly silent however, is Amnesty International on this story about a Palestinian who had the audacity to conduct a real estate transaction...with a Jew. From the British Broadcasting Corporation:

A Palestinian military court has condemned a man to death by hanging for treason for selling land to Israelis. Anwar Breghit, 59, was convicted by a court in the West Bank town of Hebron. He sold property near his village "that he did not own", prosecutors said.

You know on second thought, maybe executing shady real estate salesmen in the US and A isn't such a bad idea...the article continues:

Only two people have had death sentences against them carried out, although others have been summarily executed over suspicions that they sold land to Israelis.

Paging Amnesty International...come in Amnesty International...

Not to be outdone however, the amazingly impartial BBC writer wraps up the story with a brief history lesson:

Israel occupied the West Bank and other Arab territory in the 1967 war. It has settled more than 400,000 of its own citizens in the West Bank and East Jerusalem - illegally in the eyes of international law, although Israel disputes this. The continued presence and expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank is one of the main points of contention in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Friction between settlements and the more than two million Palestinians in the West Bank frequently leads to violence and bloodshed.

They also throw in this picture and caption, just in case you naively believed they were blaming anyone other than Israel for this:

Israel has settled hundreds of thousands of its citizens on occupied land

Whaaaat?! In an article about a businessman being sentenced to DEATH for the crime of selling land to Jews, 4 out 10 paragraphs as well as the picture and caption (almost half of the entire article!) were devoted to reminding you that Jews don't belong in Judea and Samaria at all! Where are the worldwide condemnations from human rights groups? Where is Hilary Clinton? Barack Obama? The EU? The UN? Is there any leadership in the West at all? Where is the reaction from moderate Palestinians who condemn this insanity? Oh that's right there aren't any...because the people doing the sentencing here, Fatah, ARE the moderates.

We don't hear anything from the wise leadership of Obama or the UN because these are the people they want Israel to negotiate with in exchange for their support against Iran! We don't hear anything from human rights groups on this (but we do hear about Darabi) because as we have already explored previously - deep down they don't back Israel at all. Hence also why the BBC writer feels the need to put a context around this. You need to know that this event would not take place if Israel was not "occupying" the West Bank so that you can be sure to understand that all these people want you believe that in the end...this too is the fault of the Jews.

And just in case you thought that this wholesale barbarism that surrounds the only real democracy in the Middle East is limited to intelligent human beings who should know the difference between right and wrong, we shift our focus now to the Arab "Republic" of Egypt panicked "leadership's" response to the swine flu hysteria.

An Egyptian butcher carries a pig in Cairo, Egypt, Thursday, April 30, 2009. Egypt began slaughtering the roughly 300,000 pigs in the country Wednesday as a precaution against swine flu even though no cases have been reported here, infuriating farmers who blocked streets and stoned vehicles of Health Ministry workers who came to carry out the government's order. (AP Photo/Nasser Nouri)

Nevermind of course that swine flu isn't actually being spread by pigs at this point or that by all accounts the forecasted "global pandemic" is (as usual) turning out to be a bust. Nor is this the first time Egypt has instituted an unnecessary mass-slaughter of defenseless animals either. From the Associated Press article:

Egypt, which has no swine flu cases, is the only country in the world to order a mass pig slaughter in response to the disease. The move mirrored Egypt's battle with bird flu, in which the government killed 25 million birds within weeks in 2006.

Am I the only one who's blown away by these numbers? I mean, I'm no vegetarian or anything but isn't there something fundamentally unnecessary about ending the lives of 25 MILLION birds or 300 THOUSAND pigs? Put aside the fact that these tactics have proven entirely ineffective in the past...these animals are living beings after all. But you won't hear anything about it from PETA who's too busy campaigning against kosher food to care about what's going on in the Middle East.

Having human rights groups AND animals rights groups so unbelievably biased against you might seem strange somewhere else, but not in Israel.

Over there, it's just another week in the Middle East...

Monday, January 12, 2009

More Mayhem in Gaza... (and Manhattan's Upper West Side)

Food, supplies, humanitarian aid not making it to innocent civilians. And who is responsible? Why Hamas of course!

Hamas on Monday raided some 100 aid trucks that Israel had allowed into Gaza, stole their contents and sold them to the highest bidders.

Sold to the highest bidders! How heroic! This is now the fourth story that I've posted that refers to these vile actions by the rulers of Gaza. But you won't hear about it on CNN, that's for sure.

Later in the article we learn that Israel is considering establishing a field hospital in the Gaza Strip to treat Palestinian civilians wounded in fighting between the IDF and Hamas.

The plan would be to establish the field hospital outside the Gaza Strip, but the IDF is also considering the possibility of erecting the hospital inside the Palestinian territory so it will be more accessible to the Palestinian population. It would be run by the IDF Medical Corps.

How barbaric! The evil Zionist occupying force whose only purpose in life is to kill and destroy Palestinians is going to spend resources building, running and maintaining a hospital for the residents of an enemy nation. As if supplying them with gas, electricity and water as well as hospitals for their terrorist leaders to hide in wasn't enough already.

How's that for a disproportionate response?

But that doesn't stop the genius "peace activist" fruitcakes who support them from rioting in the streets of New York at their peaceful demonstration on Sunday...

At least nine protesters were arrested in a pro-Palestinian rally Sunday afternoon in New York that injured seven police officers, authorities said.
Seven police officers were injured Sunday in New York City during a pro-Palestinian rally.

The extent of injuries varied from minor to serious, New York police said. Two officers sustained head injuries.

In a statement, the NYPD said the officers were injured when trying to break up a fight between two demonstrators.

"While attempting to separate the males, several others joined in and began to assault the officers," the statement said.

Usually when people say come to NYC and get a taste of the Middle East they're talking about sampling some shish kabobs at the local falafel stand, not witnessing Palestinian-on-Palestinian violence. Of course the same could be said about London, where pro-Palestinian peace activists tried to break in to the Israeli embassy and also had to be arrested. But then what do you expect from the same people who scream Heil Hitler at their rallies:

(First Hitler mention comes about half a minute into it and you can hear them screaming Hitler's name a few other times as well)

I mean, it's to the point that Fatah...FATAH, the same group that hijacked airliners and threw wheelchair-bound, Leon Klinghoffer off a cruise ship have become the voice of reason.

Speaking to The Jerusalem Post on condition of anonymity, the Fatah official denounced Hamas as a "black and bloody militia" that was responsible for the "catastrophe" in the Gaza Strip.

The official warned that failure to crush Hamas completely would undermine Fatah and pave the way for the collapse of moderate Arab regimes.

"The Iranians and Syrians are using Hamas to undermine the Palestinian Authority and other moderate Arab governments," the Fatah official told the Post. "Victory for Hamas in this war would mean victory for Iran, Syria and Hizbullah. This is something we need to prevent."

Let me be clear here about what this means.

The people that these protesters are supporting, excuse me - RIOTING OVER, the Palestinians, blame Hamas for the fighting and want them to lose.



But don't tell that to the people who criticized my article about Jon Stewart's apparent support for these same people. Don't tell that to the United Nations, which continues to claim moral equivalency between the two sides with their unbelievable Security Council resolutions. Still, I think it needs to be said a third time, just in case anyone is still unclear what I mean...let me put it this way:


It's mind-boggling, really. Hamas kills its own people, steals from its own people and intentionally targets innocent civilians. Israel builds hospitals for those same people that Hamas is stealing from, warns them to get out of the way of impending attacks and rescues those same terrorists from collapsing weapon-smuggling tunnels. Yet if you check out any of these "peaceful demonstrations" (scroll to the bottom of the posting to see the video I'm referring to) or read the comments section of my Jon Stewart blog you will see Israel and Zionists being portrayed as blood-thirsty baby-killers, while Hamas gets a free pass. Except from fellow baby-killers Fatah. And these people will tell you that they're not anti-Jewish, they're just if there were any difference between the two.

How is this possible?

How can this be?

Is there any sanity left in this world at all?

Someone answer this riddle for me, please.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Still more Palestinians executed by Hamas

Following up on two previous reports of Hamas firing on aid convoys and killing six Fatah supporters in one case as well as executing dozens of suspected "Israel-collaborators" in brings us more examples of this tyranny - this time from DEBKAfile:

Our sources disclose that the Hamas extremists are finding time for the brutal persecution of their rivals, the Palestinian Fatah. Under cover of the general mayhem, Hamas gangs are kidnapping Fatah operatives and executing them. Their bodies are tossed onto the mountains of uncollected garbage and their kinsmen informed where to find them. Hamas leaders are convinced their rivals are plotting to exploit the fighting to overthrow their regime.

Uncollected garbage. Well they are Fatah "operatives" after all. Lest we forget who these people are exactly, prior to the apologists' revisionist history of the post-Hamas-rise-to-power era, Fatah was responsible for no less than two intifadas and dozens of hijackings, murders, suicide bombings, shootings, knife attacks and thousands of dead and injured Jews. So while we at the RONMOSSAD blog don't feel TOO bad for these guys, they are the allegedly more "moderate" of the terrorist factions. See they at least PRETEND there might be hope, while Hamas tells it like it is. Which I GUESS is progress.

In any case, these Hamas saints, that are busily butchering their own fellow Palestinian Arabs, are the people the United Nations expects Israel to trust when they passed Resolution 1860 - which "stresses the urgency of and calls for an immediate, durable and fully respected ceasefire, leading to the full withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza."

Right. A "durable ceasefire" - with THESE people:

No mention of illegal weapons smuggling.

No mention of Hamas brutality against its own people.

No mention of violation of Israeli soverignty to kill and kidnap Israeli soldiers.

No mention of this guy:

No calls for Hamas to recognize Israel's right to exist.

No mention of Hamas at all.

It would be unbelievable if it wasn't so par for the course.

Thanks for the advice UN, but I think we'll continue taking care of our own business.

Bring back Gilad!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Will the real Jon Stewart please shut up?

Once upon a time I used to watch the Daily Show. Many many years ago, before the entire world had lost its mind, this Weekend Update clone was one of the funniest shows on television. With its mix of news satire, lampooning of so-called serious reporters and their story selection (as well as the subjects of those stories), and host Jon Stewart's very clever and often self-deprecating humor...the show caught like wildfire with younger Americans - especially college students. In fact, a 2004 Pew Research Center report found that 21% of people 18 to 29 rely on Jon Stewart for their news.

But things started to change in 2004. During the election that year something seemed a about the coverage. Yes there were jokes about both candidates, but there seemed to be something a little...harsher about the Bush jokes. The audience cheers and laughter only seemed at the expense of the Republican candidate. And then, there was this...

...Stewart's softball interview with John Kerry. Keep in mind this was at the height of the "flip-flop" and Swift Boat controversies. And just so that you don't think that Stewart isn't capable of hard-hitting interviews, take a look at this segment with National Review columnist, Jonah Goldberg.

So we can establish the fact that Stewart doesn't like conservatives and George Bush, but does like John Kerry. Which makes sense because that's pretty much the audience he's catering to. It's also not surprising because Stewart, born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, is Jewish. And as we all know, Jews hate Republicans. Oh and like Sarah Silverman, he is JEWWWWWWWISH. Take this passage from a recent Moment Magazine writeup on him:

Dispensing Jewish humor like a tic, Stewart’s impish grin, self-deprecating punch lines and jokey cultural references are a staple of the show. He has referred to himself as “Jewey Von Jewstein” and cracked wise on Jewish noses, circumcision, anti-Semites, Jews who play baseball (a short list), Israel as “Heebie Land” and his grandma at Passover. When it comes to Jewish and Israeli politics, he stomps where WASPier comedians fear to tread. But although he regularly brings up the fact that he is Jewish, he rarely speaks earnestly about his Jewish upbringing or what being Jewish means to him.

Well of course he doesn't speak about what being Jewish means to him...he changed his last name to Stewart and married a Catholic woman. My guess is that it doesn't mean all THAT much. But it makes for some hilarious jokes.

In any case Moment Magazine came to the conclusion that Stewart is "the perfect Jewish ambassador" to represent us to the gentiles.

Is he really?

In his first show back from his Christmas vacation Stewart kicks off 2009 with a segment called "Strip Maul."

The Daily Show With Jon StewartM - Th 11p / 10c
Strip Maul
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Economic CrisisPolitical Humor

After yet another President Bush joke (will these ever end?) Stewart goes on (grinning and laughing the whole time) to remark that "it's not like Hamas lobbing missiles is an unusual and new occurrence, why does Israel feel they have to react so strongly now?" Why indeed. Stewart decides that it's because Israel is worried they won't have "carte blanche" in the "bombing department" from Obama. After some clips of American politicians supporting what should be a country he has an emotional connection to, Stewart appears frustrated with their one-sidedness.

But most galling is his mocking of Bloomberg's analogy for the "disproportionate force" argument at the end of the segment. Stewart actually appears to JUSTIFY the Palestinian rocket fire into Israel by making a joke about having "forced that guy to live in [his] hallway and make him go through check points every time he needs to take a [expletive deleted]."

Really Jon?

He then goes on to have an awkward interview with the new host of Meet the Press, David Gregory. In it he remarks at how "surprising" it his to him that no one ever seems to criticize Israel in "any way" for their "behavior" (claps and cheers abound after his statement). Stewart brings up the Israeli settlements, also as an apparent justification for the Hamas action and refers to Israel as a third rail issue.

Ok terrific.

I'm not even sure where to start here...

Wait I know...SHUT UP JON! You've made it clear that you don't care about your heritage or about Judaism in general, except for as a cheap laugh on your show every so often. You've made it clear that you have a political agenda - you support the Democrats which by definition makes you biased. And if there's one thing I can't stand, it's a comedian with an agenda. Your job is to make us LAUGH not to convince us to vote for your candidate, but that's a different conversation entirely.

Here's ANOTHER "ambassador" for the Jewish people ripping on Israel's right to self-defense. It's EMBARRASSING. And I'm so sick and tired of it already.

Jon - it's not your place to represent us to ANYONE. You don't like Israel's reaction to Gaza? You think Gaza rocket fire is because of SETTLEMENTS? You mean the settlements that Israel dismantled in Gaza? The ruins of which the Palestinians are now firing rockets from at your brothers and sisters? You ignorant, embarrassment to the Jews. Have you ever even read the Hamas charter? Have you ever watched Palestinian television?

You say Israel "forces" Palestinians to "live in the hallway" huh? You have a problem with checkpoints? Do you know why there are checkpoints? Let me educate you Jonathan. It's because when there were no checkpoints, Hamas and Fatah Palestinian SUICIDE KILLERS would do everything they could to sneak into Israel and bomb women and children in pizza stores. Do you understand what that means? You're sitting at the Sbarro on 33rd St in Manhattan with your son Nathan Thomas and your daughter Maggie Rose when all of the sudden


Oh and hey - those same poor people who have to go through the checkpoints that you are so upset over (who would kill you and your children the first chance they could) celebrated this event with a "Sbarro Cafe Exhibition" complete with body parts and pizza slices. Oh and Jon, that was just one of FOUR such attacks in the month of August/2001. So yes, we have some checkpoints.

You know what else we have though, Jonathan? Doctors. And that guy that we force to live in the hallway and go through checkpoints? We also treat his son for cancer. Would Hamas do that for your children, Jon? Or would they try to blow them up during your Passover seder? That is, assuming you have a Passover seder.

You get it now? You understand maybe why EVERYONE with any common sense or understanding of the situation backs Israel? You understand why no one in Congress criticizes Israel's response? No Jon, it's not because you can't criticize Israel and still get elected. It's because Israel is RIGHT.

Hamas is WRONG.

Israel is RIGHT.

It's that simple. But what does it matter who's right and who's's all about the ratings and the Oscars and moving out of cable and onto a major network. Right Jon?

You may be a funny guy, but you are most certainly NOT our ambassador.

And for God's sake Jon, it's pronounced Is-RA-el not Is-REAL.