Monday, April 26, 2010

Wear white for Gilad Shalit 4/27/2010

Tomorrow in Israel is official "wear white for Gilad Shalit" day.

For those of you unaware of who Gilad Shalit is, he is an Israeli soldier who was kidnapped from Israeli soil by Hamas terrorists FOUR years ago. To this day he is still in captivity where he has been subjected to starvation, torture and God knows what else. Hamas refuses to let him go home unless Israel releases approximately 1,000 of their terrorists, many with innocent blood on their hands and who have vowed to kill again, in exchange for him. Hamas will not let the Red Cross examine him and generally refuses to give any information on him to his parents Noam and Aviva Shalit.

The capture of Gilad is hailed as a tremendous victory in Gaza, where murals depict him in jail as if kidnapping a human being were something to be proud of.

The following video was released by Hamas about 6 months ago to prove that he was still alive at the time. In order for the video to be released Israel was forced to hand over 20 of its prisoners. FOR A VIDEO.

Not much to editorialize there...the man's pained voice and face speaks for itself. Note the difference between the picture of Gilad before his abduction to the man in the video.

The Gilad Shalit saga has been a very painful one for Israel and Israelis. His parents have become semi-celebrities after all their appearances on Israeli television begging for the government to do something to get their son released. Demonstrations calling for his release happen often. This past Passover in Israel and around the world, Jews left an empty chair at their holiday feasts as a quiet reminder that Gilad had yet another Passover in hell.

And still the time goes by...and still Gilad Shalit waits. And waits. And suffers. And waits.

Hamas, not content with simply shooting rockets into Israel, starving and killing their own people and sitting on this prisoner for FOUR YEARS recently put out this video, essentially mocking the captive's father by throwing it in his face that he'll most likely never see his son alive again.

The video is clearly designed to get an emotional reaction out of him and other Israelis in order to get them to pressure the government into caving into appeasing Hamas. Ironically in the video, even though Noam is still wandering the streets of Israel for 30, 40 years or so waiting for his son, the signs and advertisments are still in Hebrew, the newspapers are the same as today, the prime ministers are still Israelis - the country is clearly still ruled by Jews! Even the Erez crossing into Gaza is still intact and maintained by Israeli soldiers.

I think that it's EXTREMELY telling that even in this Hamas fantasy they're STILL not ruling over Israel (which is their stated purpose for existing). It really speaks to the fact that deep down they know they're never actually going to win, nor do they particularly want to...but I digress...

Noam Shalit, in response to this video has this to say:
Hamas leaders would do better if instead of producing films and performances, they would worry about the real interests of the Palestinian prisoners and the ordinary citizens of Gaza who have been held hostage by their leaders for a long time.
Right on Noam.

So wherever you are tomorrow, I urge you all to wear white in solidarity with Gilad and his family - and if anyone asks you why you're dressed in white make sure you tell them...

...that it's for Gilad. And his family.


That's what I think...what's YOUR reaction?

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Anonymous said...

Salah Hamouri, you heard of him?
He is the other French prisonner no one speaks about

RonMossad said...

Salah Hamouri is a terrorist who plotted to kill a rabbi, was a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist organization and was likely involved in the assassination of Rehavam Zeevi, the former Israeli tourist minister.

Furthermore, Mr. Hamouri was not kidnapped and held without trial for an indeterminate amount of time. He pled guilty to terrorism and was sentenced to seven years in jail. How long is Gilad Shalit's sentence, can you tell me? When will he be released? Can Gilad Shalit's attorney go to the Supreme Court and file an appeal for his release on the grounds of "good behavior", as Mr. Hamouri's lawyer has done in the democratic state of Israel?

This kind of moral equivalency is exactly the kind of nonsense I'm talking about. Liberals standing up for terrorists...ridiculous!

The All Real Numbers Symbol said...

Oh my. I didn't realize that they were have a were white for Gilad Shalit thing today... and when I got up this morning, I put on a white shirt.

I remember on this blog a while back reading about how people on Twitter were doing tweets for Shalit. Was that last year? Has it really been that long?

... It was back in August. Almost a year. Wow. That's awful. You talk a lot about Shalit on the blog, and I thought I saw a figure somewhere. How long has he been imprisoned, 4 years now?

What a nightmare. Even though I didn't know it when I got up, I'm glad I'm wearing white today.

RonMossad said...

Yeah TARNS it was last August. I have to talk a lot about him because no one in the United States does and then when they do you get clowns like this Anonymous person who love to compare legitimate soldiers like Shalit to murderers who go to kill rabbis. It really shows you just how warped the moral-equivalence comparisons are. And how warped are the people who make them.

Anonymous said...

We have a say in Argentina: "Nadie es profeta en su tierra" which is a way to describe losers like guevara here, who had to go to cuba for his revolution-fix since no one here took him seriously.

Obviously his "success?" made other losers think they could emulate him, and the rest is history.

About Shalit, I wonder how the world would see Israel if they bombed the hell of the place where this kid, and maybe thousands of hamas terrorist, are located, making him a martyr of the jewish cause.

Would the world see it as a sacrifice like those of the terrorists? or as another plot from the evil zionists?

It's a paradox