Thursday, April 15, 2010

Israel as a Security Asset for the United States: Statement by 50 retired U.S. Flag & General Officers

In response to the recent ridiculous treatment Israel has gotten from the Obama administration, a group of about 50 retired United States generals and admirals put together the following letter urging him as well as Congress and the general American public to recognize how truly intertwined Israel's success is with America's. Here, is the unedited letter, directly from the officers:

Israel as a Security Asset for the United States

We, the undersigned, have traveled to Israel over the years with The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). We brought with us our decades of military experience and, following unrestricted access to Israel's civilian and military leaders, came away with the unswerving belief that the security of the State of Israel is a matter of great importance to the United States and its policy in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean. A strong, secure Israel is an asset upon which American military planners and political leaders can rely. Israel is a democracy - a rare and precious commodity in the region - and Israel shares our commitment to freedom, personal liberty and rule of law.

Throughout our travels and our talks, the determination of Israelis to protect their country and to pursue a fair and workable peace with their neighbors was clearly articulated. Thus we view the current tension between the United States and Israel with dismay and grave concern that political differences may be allowed to outweigh our larger mutual interests.

As American defense professionals, we view events in the Middle East through the prism of American security interests.

The United States and Israel established security cooperation during the Cold War, and today the two countries face the common threat of terrorism by those who fear freedom and liberty. Historically close cooperation between the United States. and Israel at all levels including the IDF, military research and development, shared intelligence and bilateral military training exercises enhances the security of both countries. American police and law enforcement officials have reaped the benefit of close cooperation with Israeli professionals in the areas of domestic counter-terrorism practices and first response to terrorist attacks.

Israel and the United States are drawn together by shared values and shared threats to our well-being.

The proliferation of weapons and nuclear technology across the Middle East and Asia, and the ballistic missile technology to deliver systems across wide areas require cooperation in intelligence, technology and security policy. Terrorism, as well as the origins of financing, training and executing terrorist acts, need to be addressed multilaterally when possible. The dissemination of hatred and support of terrorism by violent extremists in the name of Islam, whether state or non-state actors, must be addressed as a threat to global peace.

In the Middle East, a volatile region so vital to U.S. interests, it would be foolish to disengage - or denigrate - an ally such as Israel.


Lieutenant General Mark Anderson, USAF (ret.)

Rear Admiral Charles Beers, USN (ret.)

General William Begert, USAF (ret.)

Rear Admiral Stanley W. Bryant, USN (ret.)

Lieutenant General Anthony Burshnick, USAF (ret.)

Lieutenant General Paul Cerjan, USA (ret.)

Admiral Leon Edney, USN (ret.)

Brigadier General William F. Engel, USA (ret.)

Major General Bobby Floyd, USAF (ret.)

General John Foss, USA (ret.)

Major General Paul Fratarangelo, USMC (ret.)

Major General David Grange, USA (ret.)

Lieutenant General Tom Griffin, USA (ret.)

Lieutenant General Earl Hailston, USMC (ret.)

Lieutenant General John Hall, USAF (ret.)

General Alfred Hansen, USAF (ret.)

Rear Admiral James Hinkle, USN (ret.)

General Hal Hornburg, USAF (ret.)

Major General James T. Jackson, USA (ret.)

Admiral Jerome Johnson, USN (ret.)

Rear Admiral Herb Kaler, USN (ret.)

Vice Admiral Bernard Kauderer, USN (ret.)

General William F. Kernan, USA (ret.)

Major General Homer Long, USA (ret.)

Major General Jarvis Lynch, USMC (ret.)

General Robert Magnus, USMC (ret.)

Lieutenant General Charles May, Jr., USAF (ret.)

Vice Admiral Martin Mayer, USN (ret.)

Major General James McCombs, USA (ret.)

Lieutenant General Fred McCorkle, USMC (ret.)

Rear Admiral W. F. Merlin, USCG (ret.)

Rear Admiral Mark Milliken, USN (ret.)

Rear Admiral Riley Mixson, USN (ret.)

Major General William Moore, USA (ret.)

Lieutenant General Carol Mutter, USMC (ret.)

Major General Larry T. Northington, USAF (ret.)

Lieutenant General Tad Oelstrom, USAF (ret.)

Major General James D. Parker, USA (ret.)

Vice Admiral J. T. Parker, USN (ret.)

Major General Robert Patterson, USAF (ret.)

Vice Admiral James Perkins, USN (ret.)

Rear Admiral Brian Peterman, USCG (ret.)

Lieutenant General Alan V. Rogers, USAF (ret.)

Rear Admiral Richard Rybacki, USCG (ret.)

General Crosbie Saint, USA (ret.)

Rear Admiral Norm Saunders, USCG (ret.)

General Lawrence Skantze, USAF (ret.)

Major General Sid Shachnow, USA (ret.)

Rear Admiral Jeremy Taylor, USN (ret.)

Major General Larry Taylor, USMCR (ret.)

Lieutenant General Lanny Trapp, USAF (ret.)

Vice Admiral Jerry O. Tuttle, USN (ret.)

General Louis Wagner, USA (ret.)

Rear Admiral Thomas Wilson, USN (ret.)

Lieutenant General Robert Winglass, USMC (ret.)

Rear Admiral Guy Zeller, USN (ret.)

— signatures as of April 7, 2010

Source: JINSA

Not surprisingly NO ONE is talking about this letter, almost no media is reporting on it and this is most likely the first you're hearing of it. So please spread the word on this because it debunks two of the myths most commonly thrown around to justify voting for candidates who clearly attack Israel rather than support it.

Myth number 1: That supporting Israel hurts the United States by inflaming hatred against Americans. As if this was an acceptable position anyway - when you do the right thing, how relevant is it if the people doing the WRONG thing like you or not? But I digress...

Myth number 2: That by denigrating Israel and not standing behind their right to exist and defend themselves it somehow magically makes Israel stronger by showing that the United States is an "honest broker" (which it will never be seen as) and therefore the Arabs will be more open to following its lead on Middle Eastern Affairs. Rather than them seeing these actions as the appeasement that it actually is, which will of course only make them demand more.

So the next time someone tries to throw the nonsensical argument that sometimes Israel just needs some "tough love" (a view espoused by J Street and other Jewish sellouts with no shame) to get it "back on track" or that treating the Jewish state like an immature child that needs be made to sit in the corner, is somehow beneficial to ANYONE - tell them to go argue with these 50 retired admirals and generals.

UPDATE: In other news...almost perfectly timed to throw this letter right back in the faces of these admirals and generals, the Obama Administration is signaling an even greater shift away from the historically close US/Israeli relationship. Wow! Hope and CHANGE indeed!

Thanks to the All Real Numbers Symbol for the heads up


The All Real Numbers Symbol said...

I'm glad I could help. I wish the people who signed that letter were the ones running the country - we'd all be in better shape.

Hopefully you don't mind that I keep dropping links off here, but I came across this blog post this morning and thought that, with the letter you just posted, you might be interested in seeing it.

Also, I have an unusaual question for you... ah, how does one pronounce "Sderot?"

Anonymous said...

American Thinker is covering this letter today. We all need to spread it far and wide.

RonMossad said...

Yes I know Mr./Mrs. Anonymous - please note who they're linking to...

And yes absolutely - spread it around...Facebook, Twitter, but most importantly, the big news organizations. it's shameful that no one knows about this.

RonMossad said...

All Real Numbers - I don't mind the links at all. I hadn't read that before...I'm a little suspicious of letters that are written by random "parents" or citizens...especially when they look like they've been professionally done.

Still, that was a very good summary of what Obama has done wrong RE: Israel and I've covered a lot of those topics here. Keep them coming.

As for the pronunciation...the way it's written it should be read as "Sdeh-roat". Although I've also heard it pronounced as "Shdeh-roat" too...which makes sense because the Hebrew word "Shderot" means "avenue" whereas the Hebrew word "Sderot" doesn't mean anything as far as I know.

Anyway, in English I've always seen it spelled "Sderot" so that must be the way it's supposed to be pronounced.

Confused yet?

The All Real Numbers Symbol said...

Well, as for the link, I came across it and thought, hey, maybe Ron Mossad would like to see that.

As for being confused, yeah, a bit. My main problem was that I couldn't figure out the 'Sd' part. (Was the 'S' silent? Maybe the 'd'?) Is it sh-deh-roat, then? If so, then if if I say it very carefully, I can pronounce it.

Okay, I'm still confused. You'll have to let me kow if I'm getting closer. Also, my friends and allies on the Internet call me T.A.R.N.S. (Or usually without the periods as 'TARNS') or just Numbers. You can call me either, so you don't have to keep typing out "All Real Numbers" anymore.

RonMossad said...

Ok...TARNS it is...

Some people do it as an "sh" sound some do it as an "s" sound. I don't think either is wrong...but in English I've always seen it written as "Sderot" so in order to make sure people know what I'm talking about I'm going that route.

The All Real Numbers Symbol said...

OK. Thanks for the help!