Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Time to Repent: Yom Kippur

It's been a busy year at but here we are again as another Yom Kippur is upon us. And again there is much to atone for, much to repent for.

The United Nations must ask forgiveness for being an ineffective, bloated, irrelevant organization that is more concerned with maintaining the status quo and reversing roles between victims and perpetrators.

The mouthpieces for the administration who reside on J Street must apologize for throwing their people and their homeland under the bus. They must beg forgiveness for allowing the rest of the world to use them and the nation they claim to represent as scapegoats. They must repent for the worst sin of all, that of surrender to (and therefore willing embrace of) evil.

Our president must atone for claiming to represent the forces of hope and change, while continuing in the time-honored tradition of blaming Jews for the problems of the world.

I'm not even going to waste my time with the terrorists and their supporters because evil never apologizes for itself anyway. The one advantage however of dealing with pure evil is that at least it doesn't pretend to be something it isn't...

Jon Stewart and the rest of the Jewish sellouts who are willing to denigrate their nation, religion, people and homeland during a war of self-defense just for "laughs" and ratings must atone for embarrassing their people and causing an entire generation of Jews to answer for the words and actions of people who purport to represent us, but in reality do little more than cause trouble for us.

The Vatican, Ban Ki-Moon and the entirety of civilization must apologize for continuing to obsess over a conflict between the forces of freedom and the forces of terror while ignoring the suffering of millions...literally MILLIONS of Africans, Sri Lankans, Darfurians, Iranians and others that die in civil wars, purges, epidemics and other disasters. The world must repent for attacking the legitimate rights of a democratic country to defend itself while allowing tyranny and evil to claim the lives of countless innocent civilians all over the world.

The "truthers" must repent for wasting countless hours of my life and the lives of decent, hard-working Americans, all in a desperate effort to raise doubts about our moral right to fight our murderers, thereby weakening our resolve and ability to do so.

And finally...the appeasers. Those who assume in their naivete that sacrificing their friends in order to give a monster what it wants will somehow prevent it from eventually devouring them as well. In the end, they too will be consumed and in their final moments they will realize that their pathetic attempts to delay the inevitable actually ENABLED it to occur.

Wow all this in just the past 12 months...

I too would like to ask forgiveness for anyone that I have wronged, insulted, offended or otherwise upset unnecessarily.

However, I will NOT ask forgiveness for having my opinions and I will NOT ask forgiveness for telling the world what they are. Nor should you. Nor should anyone.

On this Yom Kippur, this day of atonement, this time to repent, let us all reflect on what we could have done differently this past year so that next year we will do better. But let us never apologize for doing what it takes to survive, to thrive...and to just EXIST.

To all who are fasting I wish you a safe and MEANINGFUL fast. Please take this time for reflection seriously and may you have nothing but good things and happy times in the coming year.