Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy New Year

שנה הלכה, שנה באה
אני כפי ארימה
שנה טובה לך, אבא,
שנה טובה לך, אמא
שנה טובה, שנה טובה!

שנה טובה לדוד גיבור
אשר על המישמרת
ולכל נוטר, בעיר, בכפר,
ברכת "חזק" נמסרת.
שנה טובה, שנה טובה!

שנה טובה, טייס אמיץ,
רוכב במרום שמיים,
ורוב שלום מלח עברי,
עושה דרכו במים.
שנה טובה, שנה טובה!

שנה טובה לכל עמל
בניר וגם במלט,
שנה טובה ומתוקה
לכל ילדה וילד!
שנה טובה, שנה טובה!

A year has gone, a year has come
My hands I will be raising;
A good year to you, Dad,
A good year to you, Mother,
a good year, a good year!

A good year to a strong uncle
who is on guard duty
and to each guard, in the city or the village
a "be strong" blessing to you
a good year, a good year!

A good year oh brave pilot,
riding in the heights of heavens,
and much peace oh Hebrew sailor,
making his way in the water
a good year, a good year!

A good year to those working hard
in the field or with cement
a good and sweet year
to every girl and boy!
A good year, a good year!

Let's hope 5770 is better than 5669. By the way, if you clicked that last link you'll have read a brief part of the story of the settlement of Kfar of the "settlements" vacated in 2005. Check out what year it was established and who occupied it before Israel.

(I'll give you a hint, it was long before 1967 and the occupiers weren't Jews)

Shana Tova to all my readers and to everyone on God's green Earth. May the new year bring nothing but good for all of us. And I mean REAL good, not fake good.

PS this is another Jewish New Year that Gilad Shalit is away from his family.


Skinnee Jay said...

I think that Israel should perhaps dispatch all Arab settlements, claiming "They're illegal settlements and this is JEWISH ground! Just like you don't want Jews on ARABIC ground." I've had it with this hypocrisy. What the fuck is wrong with some kikes around?