Saturday, August 15, 2009

A taste of what's to come...

Radical Muslim cleric among 21 killed in Gaza clashes

GAZA CITY, Gaza (CNN) -- A radical Muslim sheikh's call for the creation of an Islamic emirate in Gaza sparked clashes with Hamas forces that left 21 people dead and injured at least 121 others.

Hamas forces blew up the home of Sheikh Abu al-Nour al-Maqdessi, leader of the radical group Jund Ansar Allah, or Soldiers of the Partisans of God, Hamas sources said.

"Give us a homeland! End the evil Israeli occupation! The IDF is worse than the SS!"

The group posted a statement on the Web site announcing the establishment of the Islamic emirate in Gaza and proclaiming al-Maqdessi "the commander of the faithful."

"We only want peace! We only want to live normal lives like the rest of you!"

The statement declared that armed forces in Gaza should unite under him. It urged Muslims everywhere to support the "young emirate" by providing money, weapons and men because "this is the hope of the Muslim nation in raising the banner of monotheism in Palestine and to liberate all the lands and purify Al-Aqsa mosque from the filth of the damned Jews."

"Zionism is racism! Israel is bad! Give us our own country and end the apartheid!"

The group accused Hamas of not being Islamic enough, saying they care more about pleasing "tyrants" than "obeying God."

"Tear down the wall! Grant us right of return to our ancient villages that we just remembered were built where Tel Aviv is today! We promise we'll be good and treat you with respect!"

This is what's ahead for Israel and "Palestine" if we give into the world's demands. You see it's not just about violence against Jews (although it's mostly about that) - it's violence against each other. Fatah fights Hamas which fights itself which fights Fatah which also fights itself and they all fight the Jews. The Arab and Persian world watches as their Palestinian puppets keep Israel occupied while destroying themselves. Europe, the UN and the Americans cry crocodile tears and dump billions of dollars of aid money into "helping" these poor people blow themselves up, destroy mosques and generally do all the things (and much worse) they condemn Israel for doing.

And all across the world, college students, peace activists, professors and people who call themselves liberals line up to protest in support of this insanity.

You want Palestinian statehood? You think you're going to have a pluralistic society where children grow up happy and kicking soccer balls around and eating giant shawarmas and falafels?

You are wrong. You're either misguided because you've bought into the other side's propaganda or you ARE the other side.

This is what happens, this is the end result. So when you say you want an "independent Palestine" - inevitably what you are really saying is...

You want beheadings for selling land to Jews.

You want summary executions of innocent men women and children.

You want torture in the name of politics.

You want reduced rights for women, honor killings and sharia law.

You want an Islamic caliphate.

You want chaos, upheaval, death, destruction and violence...not for Jews but for PALESTINIANS. It's important to remember that in the one Palestinian-controlled place that is cleared of settlers there is regularly Palestinian-on-Palestinian violence...MUCH more so than in the West Bank or Israel proper. It's not just about the rights of Jews and a Jewish civil society, it's about the rights of the Palestinians and a civil society for all. These kinds of things just don't happen in Israel or the West Bank. But they do happen, with regularity in the Gaza strip.

This is the future guys, this is what's coming, take a good look at it, and love it because you've created it.

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miriam said...

Aren't we suppose to NOT think what a Palestinian state imply or what they do currently?

Not to mention the upsurge in killing sprees that are gfoing on in Israel. Could that have to do with less check point?

RonMossad said...

No you see Miriam - they'll tell you that somehow this is Israel's fault. If the Palestinians had their own independent, sovereign state these things wouldn't happen because...because...because they wouldn't be living under "apartheid" anymore so they'd have nothing to be angry about.

Or something along those lines.

Because you see, all the other countries in the Middle East have done so well being sovereign and independent...

Skinnee Jay said...

Just wait how a liberal tool is going to pull out a conspiracy theory out of his ass and link to

Or, claim if Israel didn't exist then Pali-On-Pali violence wouldn't occur.



So yeah, Catch-22 becomes reality. I love this place. You're the next Joseph Heller.

Skinnee Jay said...

Oh and the only country that has done well in the Middle East, is Israel, I'm pretty sure.

And maybe Egypt.

RonMossad said...

Well I'm not so sure that Egypt has been so successful. Certainly more so than say Iraq or Lebanon...but that's sort of like saying having prostate cancer is "doing better" than having brain cancer. In the end you're both pretty much screwed.

Remember they're still a vile, human rights-crushing dictatorship. They still have the Muslim Brotherhood hanging around. They still have attacks on Christians like there's no tomorrow. And they're still completely backwards.

I used to think Turkey had some hope, but it's pretty clear they're that never more than one or two elections away from going full-on Islamic republic theocracy-mode.

Israel is it.

Skinnee Jay said...

Hmm... Well, it's funny, from all the Middle Eastern cultures, the most evolved wer the Turkish, Persian, Jewish and Egyptian. Why is Islam wrecked all of the, and is going to wreck the Jewish culture too? (Assuming porno-watching liberals in support of nature win).