Friday, May 8, 2009

What the hell is this...?

After a brutal two weeks of shutting down some 9/11 conspiracy nonsense, two weeks of memorials and celebrations in honor of Israel's 61st birthday, and a depressing study of the effect (or lack thereof) that "enhanced interrogation" techniques have on Islamic terrorism, I thought I would take short break from the all-consuming grind of Middle East commentary and ask my readers with some help in solving a mystery that has driven me insane for more than a year now.

Take a look at this video I recorded in early 2008:

No one was able to adequately explain it to me but I didn't post it then because I assumed it was just some transformer explosion that was too far away to hear. Two nights ago I witnessed a similar event happening in a completely different direction, much closer and much brighter.

This instance happened after two much brighter versions of this that I saw from my balcony so I finally ran to get my camera. I took probably 10 1 minute clips before I finally was able to capture this video. Then as I was standing on my balcony this happened:

Can anyone identify what the hell this is?!?!

Now that I think about it, maybe going back to reporting on the typical events of a week in the Middle East isn't such a bad idea.



Anonymous said...

It was the aliens!!!

HA, now you will have to contend with two months of debate with the government conspiracy nuts that read your blog about if the government is covering up alien landings or not.

Maybe some of them will claim that the Zionist conspiracy told the government to use the aliens to commit 9/11. I can't wait!

RonMossad said...

I think it's pretty clear that it's a Zionist conspiracy - it must have been an alien device that they're using to communicate with other members of the collective...why else was I the only one who apparently could see it!

The scariest thing hasn't been the's been the emails I've gotten that suggest exactly what you're saying. Government coverup!!!!!

The truth is out there...

SnoopyTheGoon said...

That it is some Zionist activity goes without saying. It could be:

1. Zionist quarry
2. Zionist UFO blowing up upon collision with the planet
3. Zionist nuke testing range
4. Zionist dry lightning

All in all, I would vote for 4.

anonymous physicist said...

After more analysis, you can see that first video has the onset of the intense light at 13 seconds, and another at 31 seconds. Both of the lights originate from the same place. If you put the video on full screen, and slow it down, you can actually measure the distance from the light onset to the structure that is shadowed to the left of the light (maybe a plateau or building?). All my colleagues and I can determine at this point is that the light appears very suddenly, even in slow motion. The lumens (a measure of the brightness of a light source) are exactly the same at 13 seconds and 31 seconds. (It is actually at 13.07 seconds and 30.69 seconds.) The light gets continuously brighter as the clip goes on. Lightning of any kind would not behave in this way, and transformers can create close to the same lumen output, but you would not see the follow-up flashes, and it is highly unlikely you would see the transformers explode in the same exact spot! This is not only a mystery to us, Ron, it has consumed our entire weekend with many theories, but no definitive answers. We'll keep you posted, but if you could provide us with any additional information about the geography of the area, we would greatly appreciate it!

RonMossad said...

Snoopy - it couldn't be dry lightning because there was no thunder and the first video occurred during a snow storm. Also both times the light emanated from the ground upwards and repeatedly from the same spot - and we all know that lightning doesn't strike the same place twice.

Therefore I submit that it is a new top-secret, white-phosphorus/nuclear, anti-Palestinian baby weapons testing. IT MUST BE.

RonMossad said...

Anonymous Physicist - I believe the first instance occurred on a hill that is approximately 12 miles from where I filmed it. The outline you see in the video are the hills. The second instance occurred along flatlands although the direction it came from the terrain does get gradually more hilly so it may have emanated from some hills as well.

I can rule out lightning for several reasons (see my above response to Snoopy the Goon) as well as the transformer explosion for the reasons you stated as well as the fact that it's just too far away and was too bright.

One thing is for sure though, the color I think indicates that is not a fire or other standard explosion.

Clark said...


Collective? Are you saying you witnessed a visit from the Borg?? :P

RonMossad said...

lol good catch Clark. Just a shameless attempt on my part to capitalize on Star Trek-mania. Although you have to admit the colors do kind of look like what would emanate from a photon torpedo...

Skinnee Jay said...

Ugh, must be Zionist siths blowing up starts. I knew the Deathstar was real. I always knew that. And it's controlled by Jews, I mean Zionists. Ugh.

Or maybe Trent Reznor knows. He has a song called "Lights in the Sky".

RonMossad said...

Bunch of wiseguys my readers are lol