Monday, January 5, 2009

The barbaric IDF, in pictures

Just received this from an Israeli friend of mine. Check this out (apologies in advance for the watermarks), straight from the front lines in Gaza:

What's going on in this picture, taken during a similar recent incursion into Gaza?

Is it...

A. Boy scouts trying to earn their climbing badge

B. A Middle-Eastern re-enactment of the Baby Jessica saga?

C. A lost scene from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark


D. Hamas terrorists who fired rockets into Israeli kindergartens being rescued from a collapsed weapons-smuggling tunnel by "bloodthirsty" Israeli soldiers

The correct answer, of course is D.

That's right...after a day of gunbattles, casualties and attempted kidnappings of the aforementioned Israeli soldiers...after cornering several of the same Hamas men

that killed their own soldiers as well as suicide bombing, shooting and rocketing THOUSANDS OF CIVILIANS since 2000...helped them up out of their weapon smuggling tunnels...

Carefully bandaged their wounds...

Gave them tea...


And rushed them to a Be'er Sheva hospital.

Again...I would like to reiterate what I just said. Israeli soldiers - the same Israeli soldiers that media outlets and "peace activists" all over the world call aggressive, violent and disproportionate, in some cases even comparing them to NAZIS - in the midst of an invasion...RESCUED the very people they were invading and gave them medical attention.

Nazis. Barbaric. Aggressive. Disproportionate.

That's how we are portrayed all over the media. And not just the Arab media...we see this anti-Israel, anti-IDF propaganda in Brazil, Britain, and various other Western nations.

Don't even get me started on what happens when you mock Muslims in cartoons...because that's a whole different story.

The story here is that again, the Israel Defense Force displays its compassion and reminds everyone why it is the most moral army on the planet and the world reacts with...silence. As usual. But they WILL report on any tragic mistake the Israelis make and any individual civilian that is hurt or killed while being used as a human shield by Hamas.

It goes without saying that no Israeli soldier should expect similar treatment if they are captured behind enemy lines.

In October of 2000 (a year before 9/11, three years before Iraq, six years before Lebanon, eight years before the "siege" of Gaza) two non-combatant Israeli reserve soldiers,

Vadim Nurzhitz and Yossi Avrahami took a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong end of a lynch mob in Ramallah...

Ever Heard of the Ramallah Lynching? - The best video clips are here

I'm warning you in advance - the above video clip is pretty graphic. It shows a Palestinian crowd dumping the body of one of the above-mentioned Israelis out of a window, cheering and celebrating as one of the lynchers shows his blood-covered hands to them.

These are the people that Rosanne Barr, Cynthia McKinney, Christiane Amanpour and all the various "peace-activists" cry over. These are the people that we are fighting against.

Except when we're rescuing them.

How barbaric indeed.


Pramod from India said...

“ The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye; the more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract.”
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Anonymous said...

When I watch the news now, I know that I'm only going to get the story that they think that the world wants to hear. The news hasn't, for a very long time, told the truth. Every story I see, talking about the civilians in Gaza, and not one word mentioned about the civilians in Israel OR how the Israelis are the ones HELPING the hurt and maimed. I do wonder how many jouneralists are trying to tell Israel's story and it gets shot down. Reminds me of the scene in the movie with Robin Williams "Good Morning Vietnam" when he gets handed a news story that he's stopped from airing, all because it told the truth as to what was happening. I am glad and grateful to the internet, at least this way, I can get the other half of the news.

Rich said...

Its amazing how they continue to say disproportionate yet they haven't come up with even a single alternative to what the Israelis are doing. Somehow I feel that if the Isrealis shot unguided rockets into Gaza to act in a proportionate way, the world would still continue to denounce the way the Isrealis are handling the situation.

Anonymous said...

This picture is also very primitive pro Israeli propaganda.
But, people beleive into what they would like to see.

Nate said...

Its amazing how a news story about terrorists using a school for a hiding place is twisted by the media into something else. That just proves that you have to take the news with a grain of salt since the media tends to pander to the liberal Terrorist supporters and the self hating Jews that are supporting these terrorists.

Bethany said...

That CNN story bugged the shit out of me today too. Hamas militants hide in a school and Israel is blamed for bombing it, even after they successfully completed the mission by ONLY killing the terrorists that used school children as human shields.

RonMossad said...

"Every story I see, talking about the civilians in Gaza, and not one word mentioned about the civilians in Israel OR how the Israelis are the ones HELPING the hurt and maimed. "

That's exactly right. Nothing about the Israelis who are living in bomb shelters and the kids who can't go to school because they're shut down due to a forecast for partly cloudy skies with an 80% chance of rockets tomorrow.

RonMossad said...

"Somehow I feel that if the Isrealis shot unguided rockets into Gaza to act in a proportionate way, the world would still continue to denounce the way the Isrealis are handling the situation."

Ironically, today they did hit a school (after Hamas has hit several schools over the years) - because terrorists were firing MORTARS from inside and wow shocking outrage.

Here is a list of Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli schools






That's about all the Spanish I know...and that's not even close to being the entire list.

Needless to say...


And it's not like there were any "legitimate" Israeli targets in the's not like there was anyone firing at Gazans from inside the school.

It's really disgusting.

RonMossad said...

"This picture is also very primitive pro Israeli propaganda."

Propaganda or not - show me a picture of a Hamas "militant" feeding an Israeli or giving them tea. How about just STANDING next to an Israeli without trying to stab him in the eye or beheading him.

Thanks, I'll be waiting right here.

RonMossad said...

Nate, Bethany - that's why we have to keep fighting the PR war on the internet and everywhere else we have the chance.

Although it looks now like a bunch of civilians were killed in that incident. Which is why war sucks. Oh well, hooray for human shields right Hamas?

Anonymous said...

when Palestinians lay down their arms, we will have no more war.
When Israel lays down its arms, we will have no more Israelis.

USpace said...

Scary stuff, great post, Hamas are among the scum of the Earth.
Some people we know ignore all facts and logic. People must realize that this is not a border dispute. Muslim Fundamentalist want ALL Jews dead and gone. Period.

The delusional insanity of many on the Left and a few on the Right about this is frightening. They ignore all facts and logic. Hamas, a terrorist organization killing the so-called Palestinians' hope for peace, are evil garbage, they must be eliminated. They have sent thousands, yes thousands of missiles into Israel over the past couple of years and Israel had never exercised their right of self-defense, until recently, when Hamas broke the ceasefire and started firing rockets again.

Israel is FINALLY doing the right thing. If Hamas is destroyed, then, if the rest of the 'Palestinians' really want peace they can give up their dream of destroying Israel, if not, they will never have peace.

Israel must destroy as much of Hamas as possible before the MSM and the idiots and ignorants whine loud enough for them to stop. They must only quit when they are ready.

For EVERY missile shot into Israel at least ONE missile should be returned to the area as close as possible to the shooter. Tit for tat. Every single missile should be returned. Period. Treat them like adults, if they kill, they will be killed. If they send missiles, they will receive them. That is the only way they will learn. Screw public opinion, force them to see the truth, or let them be damned.
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hope your kids grow up

to strap bombs on babies
to kill other children

absurd thought -
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form a terrorist country

then wish to be destroyed
by committing acts of war

absurd thought -
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blame your failings on the Jews

for a few more thousand years
they are Earth's scapegoats

absurd thought -
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give Israel away

to appease her enemies
dishonor America

absurd thought -
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it's just their religion
All real freedom starts with freedom of speech. Without freedom of speech there can be no real freedom.
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Anonymous said...

All I can say is, God bless Israel !
God guards & guide Israel !
And surely God is opening the eyes of those who are being blinded by hamas, amen !

Kal said...


You guys are wasting your time aiding the Gazans. For everytime you give them medical aid, all you are doing is releasing them so they can go back to launching more rockets. Just like Guantanamo, where the libtards beg and cry for the release of jihadists, who are then killed out on the battle field in Iraq or Trashcanistan. You ought to not waste your time and just level Gaza, because you and I both know that the only language the musselman TRULY understands is brute force. For proof see Ghengis Khan, Jan Sobieski, and Charles Martel.

RonMossad said...

"For everytime you give them medical aid, all you are doing is releasing them so they can go back to launching more rockets."

Just goes to show how transparently absurd the "evil IDF" soldier portrayal is. The IDF is the most moral military on the Earth bar none. Moral to the point of absurdity as seen above...

Steve said...

The western world should make the koran require reading in all public schools. That way the ignorance would be wiped out and every semi-intelligent person would see thru the bullshit and perhaps kill the this blight on humanity.

RonMossad said...

I agree Steve - more people need to be educated on what the Qu'ran actually says. Not sure if we need to eliminate Islam about just the fanatics?