Monday, December 29, 2008

What to say, what to say

What to say...what to say...

Another Arab-Israeli conflict has erupted and as usual along with it we have the concurrent world-wide "peace activist" protests:

They get started early in the West Bank.

Nothing says "peace now" like the serial killer from the Scream movies!

You know something has gone terribly awry when even the Arabs see the leader of Egypt as being more attached to Israel than France. At least Sarkozy doesn't have to worry about any of this voodoo being cast on him.

Great symbols of peace there dare Israel try to rob Palestinians of their God-given right to fire rockets at civilians. Maybe they're just confused about that whole "Right to Bear Arms" thing applying to Katyusha rockets. Or Gaza.

I mean I wish I was making this up, but there you have it folks - the "peace" camp in all its glory.

So...what to say, what to say? It's bound to happen. Someone will ask you about "disproportionate force" or "collective punishment" or "apartheid" or maybe the best of all "ethnic cleansing". What do you say when one of these alleged advocates for peace and tranquility start throwing accusations like this (or as I like to call it -- "nonsense") your way?

Stay tuned for the answer in the next 24 hours...