Sunday, December 7, 2008


Today is the anniversary of the last (and only other) time our country was deliberately sneak attacked by a foreign totalitarian regime.

Why then is support for action against our current enemy so far behind where it was in the 1940's?

And lest we forget, Germany never attacked us. Nor did Italy. Why then would we be so in favor of launching an all-out invasion on both countries which killed literally hundreds of thousands of brave young American soldiers?

Must we wait, as we did all through the 1930's, until the enemy has matched us in strength and technology before we take action? Must we continue to repeat the mistakes of our fathers and grandfathers and our leaders of the past? Because as we all know, the end result of that inaction before WWII...

...was epic disaster.

For both sides. For all sides. For all of humanity.

Let us hope there is still time for this generation to avoid a similar fate.

For both sides. For all sides. For all of humanity.


TovahR said...

All good points that need to be considered during this time of transition.