Sunday, July 6, 2008

Quick hits

Hope everyone had a fun, safe and explosive 4th of July...

Just a few quick hits for today:

An article popped up recently on National Review Online about "Illiberal Liberals" - the absurdity/hypocrisy of people who claim to be in favor of progress and change yet whose actions are entirely counterproductive to these causes. Apparently, world-renown author Victor Davis Hanson, along with Joe Lieberman, is a ronmossad blog fan. Stay tuned for a full-length blog on taking back the term "Liberal" in the near future.

Another recent article, this one on talks about the outrage the author feels about the latest Palestinian rampage in Israel. During this attack, a crazed Arab from East Jerusalem drove a bulldozer through the streets screaming "Allah-u Akbar" (God is great in Arabic) and running over anyone in his way. While there were many condemnations of this crime, what makes this on stands out is who the writer is. Bradley Burston, a frequent critic of Israeli governmental and IDF policies, has gone on record blaming those aforementioned policies for Palestinian terror and Hamas success. So it is rather surprising to read this article written by Burston, doubtlessly written under the influence of the intense anger one would feel after witnessing their town turned into a giant demolition derby, taking the "heroes of Palestine" to task for their less-than-heroic deeds. Burston even goes so far as to question the motives of his former buddies:

I, for one, would like to ask for proof of what it is that Palestinians really want. I no longer believe that it's as simple as wanting statehood.

This is what I don't yet want to admit: that for all these years, in 2008 no less than in 1902, what a critical mass of Palestinians want most, perhaps even more than statehood, may be as simple as the vile thrill of vengeance, as straightforward as nothing more than seeing Jews dead and gone.

Well, good morning to you too Bradley! This only goes to prove that in Israel, even the Left has some common sense. Although something tells me he's not joining Likud anytime in the near future...

And finally, some more Israel in the news (also from - apparently the recent Columbian hostage rescue involved some Israeli-trained commandos. No wonder Chavez (another supposed "liberal") hates Israel...they're helping out his arch-enemy, pro-American Columbian neighbors save their women and children from Farc terrorists. The nerve!

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