Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Check out the most popular stories on cnn.com from today:

1 Woman recalls polygamous childhood
2 Criticism of Britney's body?
3 Online sleuths join Fossett search
4 Russians offered cars for babies
5 Kenny Chesney bounces back
6 Kathy Griffin to be censored
7 Dave guests on 'Oprah'
8 Sources confirm Israeli airstrike
9 AP: Bush to adopt Petraeus advice
10 Users weigh in on Petraeus

This stupid country...

Never forget.


Tzipp said...

People laugh when you say that if you don't remember history it will repeat itself. It hasnt been a decade and no one cares at all anymore. But they care about brittany freaking spears?! That list is ridiculous...even if I would have a baby if someone gave me a car... j/k