Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The European Union

Another post from last year's Israel/Hizballah war. Note the spelling of "Hezbollah" - which is the more accepted way of spelling it in English. After thinking about it I came to realize that the REASON the media was spelling it like that, is because the "correct" way (correct in quotations because it's hard to define the "correct" English spelling of a non-English word) includes the word "allah" in it. Because after all Hizballah means, "Party of Allah (God)" in Arabic. The reason the word is warped in this way, allah being turned into "ollah" is probably as not to offend Muslim viewers/readers. Which brings up another point about Political Correctness VS Truth that I may turn into a blog at another date.

In any case, enjoy hopping into the old time machine and turning back the page to July of 2006.


It should come as no shock to avid readers of my blog (yes I know there's at least 711 of you out there somewhere) that I feel the need to communicate my opinions on Middle East politics and more specifically, the current outburst of violence in and around Gaza and Lebanon. Being as connected to the region as I am...and with my recent experiences there, I feel compelled to weigh in on the situation as it stands.

I'm enraged. Enraged at Hamas. Enraged at Hezbollah. Enraged with the Palestinians and with the Lebanese. The Syrians piss me off and so do the Iranians. Liberals, Conservatives, Christians, Muslims, whatever...everyone who isn't connected to this conflict from birth and feels the need to comment on it is generally uninformed and pointless to listen to. Americans, Russians who stand behind or condemn or whatever. The UN with all its blablablablab. WHATEVER. But you know who's the worst? The absolute worst????

The European Union.

Hezbollah murderers CROSS the border, kill Israeli soldiers (who for once aren't "occupying" anything), kidnap two of them and run off into the mountains of Lebanon...the Israeli military responds as this is the second time this NONSENSE has occurred in the past couple of weeks by bombing Hezbollah which they respond by LAUNCHING 120 ROCKETS into several Israeli populations centers...not military positions with civilian collateral damage...CITIES...20-30 kilometers behind the border with the SOLE intention of killing non-combatants. One lady gets blown apart while sitting on her balcony.

So the Israelis attack with tremendous force, bye bye international airport, bye bye Beirut-Damascus Highway, bye bye hundreds of Hezbollah targets all over Lebanon, hello blockade. Go screw yourselves.

And what does the European Union do? What leadership will the great continent of Europe provide during this tumultuous time?

"The European Union is greatly concerned about the disproportionate use of force by Israel in Lebanon in response to attacks by Hezbollah on Israel," according to a statement issued by Finland, which holds the EU's rotating presidency. "The presidency deplores the loss of civilian lives and the destruction of civilian infrastructure. The imposition of an air and sea blockade on Lebanon cannot be justified."

Oh, really? Disproportionate? Deplorable?

First of who the HELL asked you people? Seriously. Who asked? Was it the same people that asked you how you would handle the rise of Nazism? Great job handling that Europe, really. What a bunch of anti-semites. I cannot convey the absolute disgust I have with these self-righteous jerks. The mighty, cultured, continent of Europe. Example for the world. Birthplace of totalitarianism. Home of genocide and ethnic cleansing. If not for outside intervention, these idiots would have destroyed themselves and most of the world TWICE. And we're supposed to take their comments seriously?

So let me get this straight...if German militants on the border of France kidnapped French soliders and killed a few more and then fired 100 or so rockets at French cities on soverign French soil...let's say Marseille, Nice, Lyons and Cannes, what would France do? Would they go negotiate with the Germans and talk about all the beautiful cultural differences between the two nations? Or would they take swift, decisive action? Oh wait, I know what they'd do...they'd surrender and send their Jews to the ovens. This all happened already, about 60 years ago. So they're really not ones to talk, are they!

SCREW EUROPE. But then, why am I surprised by this stupidity when Jewish cemetaries are defaced all over Europe, Jewish schools are blown up and skinheads/Nazis make their presence known at soccer games all over the continent? And I'm not talking about during the 30's and 40's here...this is all going on in the 21st century. So the Europeans can go kill themselves. Again I say, go SCREW yourselves you Eurotrash anti-semites! And it's nothing new. The Crusades, the Inquisition, the pogroms, the blood libels...all the first massacres of Jews occurred in Europe, where was the outrage then? Where were the complaints of the "disproportionate force" when Hitler was slaughtering 6 million of my cousins? Where was the outrage? Where was the INTERVENTION? It was nowhere to be found.

For one...


...reason. And that is an old saying that's been around for generations:

Jewish blood is cheap.

Nobody will protect us, but us. We cannot rely on the rest of the world to defend us. If it all comes down again, we know that there is only one place we can turn to.


To the hundreds of thousands of Israelis sleeping in bomb shelters tonight, I feel for you. To the soldiers and pilots bringing hell to those that would gleefully cut our throats I am honored that my relatives are protected by you. To the Arab civilians living in fear of the death and destruction about to be heaped upon you...? Sorry guys, police your own and this crap wouldn't have to happen. Good luck. To the EU and the UN and all the other talking heads who criticize but offer no solutions...go screw yourselves you enabling, silent-partner, collaborators-by-proxy.

And to the people who started this mess? Don't worry, you'll get what's coming to you. All of you. And everyone that helped you. And hopefully it will be very, very painful.

Don't start nothin' - there won't be nothin'